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Okay so i wrote a post about how i've not been active on steemit and about how i'm now back.

But i've decided to do something, i really want to make an impact and also gain from steemit so i'm going to be giving attention to my feeds now(by that i mean the people i'm following in steemit)

I found out that i just follow people anyhow and most of the people i follow are no longer active on steemit anymore due to reasons known to them so i'm going to be going through the list of people i've followed and unfollow the *inactive ones.

By inactive i mean the ones that no longer posts on steemit anymore, i mean what's the use of following them when they are no longer active right?😐

I'm currently following 443 people on steemit, so let's see how that goes.

See you on my next post.
Till next time i remain your baby girl @kwinesther💙


wow! Your decision is cool. But does unfollowing them bring down a feather from our body or add to us? But what the advantage as well, those who even follow us dont care about our articles most cases. Thats why with 490 followers, I post and hardly get 10 likes,upvotes or comments. Just do it right babygirl

But does unfollowing them bring down afeather from our body or add to us?

To answer that @michaeljerry0 it doesn't

But what the advantage as well,

The advantage is that my feed would be clean and would be filled of things i'm interested in rather than things i"m not interested in, do you get my point?

I want to care about the people i'm following and make sure i always visit their posts and keep up with them but when you have too many inactive people you are following, you tend to miss out on the important ones on your feed.

I hope you get the message dear

yea boss. well understood.