Accusing Someone Online About Their Emotional State Mirrors Your Own

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All too often the comment section of Steemit gets a bit spicy. Arguments start flying left and right and at one point someone will become a psychologist. Although laughable, this stance hopelessly tries to deduct behaviours in order to attribute a certain kind of attitude towards the opponent. "You sound angry", "You sound frustrated, "You sound sad" and so it goes.

For one, trolls love this because they can pretend to be in a certain mood. This way, they lure their prey into a vortex of comment retaliation while they laugh their ass off. Others try to use their "internet experience" in order to decipher what words and expressions can say about the overall message. At one point, rarely anyone addresses the factual points of the conversation and people start behaving like monkeys. I know because I do it as well.

No one can possibly decipher the emotional state of someone online. Heck, it is quite challenging to do in real life. When someone tries to accuse you for being overly emotional, sad or angry they are merely admitting their own psychological state at that point in time. If someone for example accuses you for being angry when you write an article, most likely it means that they got angry reading your piece. Following in the comments, not having anything constructive to say, they resort to "You sound very angry, maybe you should relax". In other words, they appeal to emotion in order to show to the rest of the audience that your material that they disagree with, is not to be trusted because you are potentially emotionally unbalanced.

It is a devious way and it will get them the upvotes from those who also don't have any arguments. Politicians do this all the time. It is a form of avoidance and it is actually demonstrates that the commenter has almost no arguments and/or cannot control their own emotions and so they merely try to play Dr. Phil to save the day.

My advice is to completely ignore these people. Nothing gets people more frustrated. If their comment also addresses part of your post then talk only about those parts. Unless you want to start an emotional accusation war steer away. Although I admit being a troll plenty of times just for the lols, well, I would encourage you not to feed me.


And the best way to passive-agrresively ignore people with the aforementioned attitudes is naturally to write a post about it.

And the best way to ignore this tendency of yours, as well as mine (the aspiring psychologist), is to write a comment as meta as this one. 😂

Great comment.

I’d expect nothing less of myself, thank you! 🙏

I’d expect nothing less of myself, thank you! 🙏

what does meta mean in the context of your post above?

(i generally agree with the two comments, if i'm understanding them the way you intended)

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Totally agree. It is a reflection, like a mirror. When you want to accuse, look inside yourself with acceptance and see what you find there.

while it is often a reflection, i wouldn't call it a rule. that every accusation is the exact feeling of the accuser in that scenario.

I think what you are saying can be accurate but is not all the time. Sometimes people do really write angry posts and it is ok to point this out. But if you feel attacked then perhaps the issues could be on both sides. I always try and back up and realize they whatever I write that is my opinion since I am putting it out there is open for scrutiny. If someone disagrees I explain myself. If they act badly I simply move on because what they are seeking at that point is energy. I simply move on rather than try to psychoanalyze them. It is too difficult and has no real payoff for either of us. The bottom line is never let anyone steal your joy and you fully control that. Have a great day and keep your chip up.

you're essentially saying the same thing. i think what the focus is of the post (and correct me if im wrong @kyriacos) is that replies that show emotion are useless, and tend to mirror the emotion of the person making the accusation. and unless you feel like engaging in a mindless internet post war for your own personal amusement - you're better off just ignoring the post and carrying on. or if they did provide some type of substantial constructive criticism of your article -positive or otherwise- then it wouldn't hurt to respond.

You're just annoyed 8-P.

When people are giving you hard rough words and they want to bring you down, it all says about them. If somebody wants to be rough on me I just let them finish what they want to hear and then I move in another direction.
I want my spirit to remain calm, and I am a person who shares Love and it's my passion!

Have a wonderful day, Luka.

so what's your sage advice - if one finds themsekves sometimes Enjoying a war of words with a Troll Commentator?

Merci de partage avec nous ces information .bon travail .continue comme ca