Extreme Phishing Attack robot beware guys

in #steemit4 years ago

I am going to inform you about very extreme Kind of trap please @steemcleaners @teamsteem @neoxian @themarkymark @nextgencrypto @jesta @gtg @roelandp @timcliff @curie @ausbitbank @blocktrades @someguy123 @smooth.witness @thecryptodrive @netuoso @pharesim @followbtcnews @anyx @jerrybanfield @teamsteem @yabapmatt
Attention all!!!!!!!!!!!
scammer Who is using an automate system, A bot auto comment on every post created and tells you that your content is not original, you have copied this content from specific location ,And when a user surprised how is is possible it is my content and when user like to check i have not copied any one content so to check Victim click on that link .
Now look at this comment
@arkan is an robot auto generate a copy like post on to his own website and when a user click on that link He find some one with same post already exist ,He became surprise and sudden appear you did not login and login again Let me show how it works
Now have a look At circle i marked the website is look same like steemit.com but url is change and sudden This will happen.

Pisher robot Link = https://steemit.com/@arkan
Witness and social friends please resteem this post to spread awareness and Downvote this guy until its reputation gone to zero .He is a big scammer and check His all latest auto comments for pishing .



Thanks for this information, really helpful.

Why you voting in low valued voting weight even u have full power?. We have no chance to make profit with your service. Bye bye.

This bots could really course a lot of harm. done,ive resteemed and you could confirm @ephraimparker. [email protected]

Resteemed & Upvoted.
Please do the same I would be glad

You got a 2.71% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @lays!

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thanks for your information.

Thanks for notifying.

Thank you really for the wonderful information and great tips
The penetration is very disgusting. I hate the bad guys
You are a really wonderful person

Wow, what an A**ole!
Thanks for that security service!

Thank you so much for useful information, yesterday I received this type of messages but fortunately I didn't click, one thing more how to check this is not original @steemcleaners or any other original writers?

Post resteemed

Attention @arslan786

@lays I send to your account 1 SBD to recieve an upvote to my post but i haven´t been upvoted yet, and neither have been refunded

wait for power full

ok thank´s i will

Thank you for this valuable information... Thanks a lot

Thank you @lays for pointing this out. This is a serious issue and looks likes these guys are everywhere. People can fall into this trap very easily as it looks very genuine unless you notice the url, which we all most likely might fail to.

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