How to transfer Whole steem power from 1 account to another account

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Yes you can transfer your whole steem power from 1 account to another account
Learn step by step G
Now write down your steem id after Delegator name = the person who want to transfer his power
Delegatee = The person who want to receive Steem power
Vesting_ shares = change it 12353 vest is equal to 50 steem power
CHange the vesting power if you cannot calculate it just put a randome number it will be show you the power you are going to trasnfer to another steem account,Using this way you can easily transfer your whole steem power from 1 account to another account .
if you are using many steem ids you can use this tool to combine and merge whole steem power into 1 steem account and enjoy super power this tool is build by and very usefull tool keep this post save resteem and vote it to help other steemit users thank you .


Resteeming for to read later, but I'll also take those curation rewards! Hoping to try this with my oldest @walky123 . Going to let the boy tear it up whilst I take a break and do homework. Thanks a bunch and I hope it's simple to do.

Its a great process to new steemit users

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Good to know - thanks!

Great! important one.

So if I'm reading that correctly, that's delegating SP, not transferring SP.

If I want to completely shift all my SP from one account to another account, is that possible?

Receiver account required to pay daily fee to sender account?

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bro which key is require to login this site ?

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