Payza - VISA and Mass Adoption of Crypto

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Payza ( is an online payment processor that can be compared to other payment options such as PayPal or Dwolla.

According to an article published by Cryptocoinsnews :

Payza was an early mover among “legitimate” money transfer services with regard to integrating Bitcoin payments, and as CCN reported about a year ago, one of the first to allow it both ways. You could deposit Bitcoin for sending payments and then receive payments in Bitcoin as well.

Payza is different from Paypal in the fact that it works with cryptocurrency!

According to an article published by @blockrush 'Payza to support 50 crypto currencies @BlockRush'

In a press release, Payza has announced it will provide full support for Bitcoins while increasing support for the exchange of upto 50 other crypto currencies including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Steem!

This is huge news for cryptocurrency in general!

Users will be able to convert their Bitcoins and other alt coins to USD and then load it to the Payza prepaid cards which is accepted online and at all ATMs globally. However Payza plans to further streamline this process so Bitcoins and other alt coins could be directly converted to USD on the Mastercard.

Have you used Payza and if so could you share your experience with us?

Personally I havent had a chance to use their system but I'm in the process of getting signed up and registered and if possible getting a VISA card in which I can use my bitcoin to make transactions online.

If you have used Payza please share your experience and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Thanks for reading!



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