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RE: The only Important thing right now: Is the Steemit Stake Private Property?

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This is a great piece of opinion on what happened in the meeting yesterday. I couldn't agree more. I've seen a lot of rage and insulting expressions that goes beyond community values, good dialog and even cultural respect, as for example @therealwolf expresses concerns here: (v0.22.333). Different perspectives are always susceptible to find common ground if you can listen to each other. It's needed a good negotiator on behalf of the awesome work that many have done in this blockchain!!
It won't be bad some of Ned's opinions in all of this!
Send you best vibes for this interesting times, @aBitcoinSkeptic, a pleasure to visit your blog!!


Thanks glad you liked it.
Justin had the advantage of a single mind and a coherent professional approach. But he sort of threw that away on social media, and especially his recent steem post.
In the end we get to know more about our witnesses and when this is iver we will be much stronger and more knowledgeable as a community.

Many news continue unfolding! But you are right, a stronger community will rise from all this!!
Big hug and good vibes, @aBitcoinSkeptic, I keep in touch with all your updates!!