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Earning Steem For Writing About What You Like:

I've been on a Frank Kern binge lately and ended up watching this video for the second time.

Look, that video is 2 hours long so I don't expect any of you to watch it (even though it's amazing and it will change your life), so here's a quick summary.

Core Influence

Frank Kern is someone who's made millions of dollars in online marketing including, as stated at the beginning of that video, a digital product that made over 23 million USD in the first 24 hours. The secret, Frank says, is "Core Influence".

Core influence is when our subconscious minds connect through alignment of core beliefs. When you are aligned with what you truly believe in and market in that alignment, your subconscious creates a connection with the consumer that surpasses words. It's deeper and truer than the surface level words, pictures or actions.

According to Frank, this is the reason why some people can do everything by the book, all the things that should guarantee success, and still fail. It's why some speakers present you with knowledgable and helpful information, but you still don't take action. And why some products are life changing and helpful, but you still don't buy.

Let's look at the example Frank uses in his speech. Someone who is teaching people how to eat a healthy diet when all they eat is junk food probably won't convince you to change your diet even if he uses the exact same words as a healthy eater. Sure maybe he'll get a few people to change, but they likely won't keep listening to this junk food eater because they'll be out of alignment.

How This Can Help Your Steemit Posts

This should be pretty obvious by now: speak about what you're aligned with at your core. Doing so will attract the right people to your posts and you will build an audience who you truly love speaking to.

Harder Than It Appears

In order to speak from your core, you must first identify your core beliefs. Frank says it's that person who you've always wanted to be, like a rockstar or a pro athlete, but I think it's deeper than that.

Your core identity isn't this fantasy person you wish you were, its your weird fantasies that for some reason you can't stop thinking about. Maybe its music or athletics, but if you're like most people in the world, it's something that you aren't making a living with.

Then What?

Develop your Steemit page around those topics because that's what your subconscious resinates with. And if you're speaking from your core, than other people will connect with you. Write about your failures, successes, stories, journeys and guilty desires. Whatever gets you super excited, write about that.

After that I can't really tell you. I've basically been branding my Steemit page around what I love the most and then after 90 days of consecutive content I'll choose the subject that most resinates my audience. From what I've read and what I feel, this seems to be the best way to create content on any platform.

Thanks For Reading!

What's your core desires? I'd love to hear about them in the comments. (It might take some time to figure these out)

For me it's psychology, marketing, skiing, traveling and American football.

P.S. Frank also talks about this super useful technique for getting the life you desire. Write down, in extreme detail, what your ideal AVERAGE day would look like if you had no limitations or consequences. I am currently writing mine out and I'll let you guys know how it guides me through life!