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Today I stumbled upon this video:

What The Video's About

It's an awesome video and I recommend the watch, but if you don't want to watch it here's a quick summary: This is probably Frank Kern's first video talking about his "new" results first strategy of marketing. The whole idea is that you deliver the desired result to your potential customer before you charge them anything, and then, because of your good will, the customer will buy from you.

This method is now widely used as a marketing tactic for a ton of Guru's on the internet and it's likely you've been apart of the process. Just think of the last informational YouTube video you watched. If that channel has a premium product you can buy then the purpose of that YouTube video was to deliver results in advance so you'd have more trust in their brand, thus one step closer to buying.

How Steemit Takes This To The Next Level

This platform survives around giving results in advance. Someone writes an article, then a Steemer reads the article and makes a decision on whether or not the article deserves some precious Steem power.

Steemit is forcing its users to put out all of their content as good will in hopes that a a whale will read their post and gain enough value from it to toss the author some Steem. In this sense authors are constantly making quality content to deliver a desired emotion inside a whale without asking for anything in return. Then if that whale got the result they were looking for, the author get's the reward. It's the ultimate results in advance system.

Best Way To Give Results In Advance

By far the most effective way I've found to deliver results in advance is writing quality comments.

Steem is PACKED with spammers commenting on posts in search for a couple sense from an upvote and lacks the quality comments users crave. If you're wondering what I mean check the comments on this post. I haven't published it yet, but I predict 2 comments and one of them says "Great Post! I have upvoted and followed you, please check out my page".

Now I know that I don't have much Steem Power so people aren't incentivized to comment on my posts, but I find that when I give others a genuine comment I get rewarded with upvotes.

Key Strategy

The key to this strategy is to actually believe in your comment. I know this is kind of a tricky skill to learn so I'm going to tell you how I'm learning...

I force myself to comment on every article I read with 100% no spam. I spend time actually thinking about what I just consumed and give my honest opinion back to the author.

Fair warning: it's not easy. Sometimes my comments are just "Sweet pics! I'd love to go there someday. Where are these taken exactly?" and other times I write a short paragraph.

So far this has givin me the biggest ROI in my first 8 days on the platform.

Thanks For Reading!

I'd love to hear what you thought of this article in the comments. If you read this far you probably have an honest opinion.. share it below!


Thank You for sharing this! I liked the video, and also what you wrote. It might even helped me. Thanks! :-)

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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