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RE: Welcome to Steemit: Now what? How does it work? How do I make a post? What should I do?

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This is absolutely amazing; it is so perfectly explained in simple terms with just the right visual references. Thank you so much @dwinblood.


I really wish I could have seen such a post when I started 2 months ago, as it would have saved me many hours of research into the little tricks you've shown and the simple explanations you offered about Steem Power and the like.

I hadn't even notice the "Power Up 100%" we can employ when writing a new Post. I will definitely do this in the future (wished I knew this before!)

Suggestion for upcoming guide(s):

If you would care to consider my following humble suggestion, I would be grateful. To better help newcomers with increased exposure/power, maybe you can suggest that they buy some STEEM, transfer it to their Steemit account wallet, and then transfer it to STEEM POWER. I did this a few days ago with the STEEM I had bought at the beginning when I joined, but really wish I would have done so right at the beginning, as it would have boosted my posts and curation rewards a lot more. I had about 55 STEEM when I began and newbies can perhaps do a similar amount. Anyway, just a suggestion.

Very much looking forward to your upcoming guides.

P.S.: Do you know when Jerome Corsi will get active? Can't wait to see his posts.


As to your suggestions. Those would be more appropriate for my intended currency guide which I haven't written yet.

P.S.: Do you know when Jerome Corsi will get active? Can't wait to see his posts.

He emailed me thanking me for writing this and said he would study it today. I know he is very interested in using steemit, but he is also an incredibly busy guy and he doesn't have a team of people helping him do what he does. So getting started may be a little slow, but I'm certain once he has a routine he will do quite well with Steemit.

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