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RE: fundamental question for steemit 1, SNS based on the Rewards ?

in #steemit8 months ago

Facebook did not give any rewards for the accounts, but lots of people like to take part in the Facebook.

Centralized platforms “rewards” with endorphin level up. That’s why they are so dangerous fraud, @slowwalker.


The reason why centralized SNS is dangerous is censor friendly and can be manipulated easily by any political power.

Censorship is a higher level, @slowwalker. It couldn’t be possible to attract the people to the censorship and data harvesting platforms without the basic level — ‘injecting’ endorphin to the poor sheeple hooked on their fraud. And yes, it always end with the political manipulation, which is, essentially, a control over their lives.

Ha ha ha, Sad reality, injecting endorphin.

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