The Steemit Movie - 😁 April Fools' Day Prank - Our making of & ❤ Thanks yous.

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If you asked yourself: "Who is behind this Steemit Movie Trailer „The Social Revolution“.

Here is the answer:

You'll also have the chance to win 20SBD at the end of the article.


Vienna (Austria). Friday March 30th. 16:23. Our Office.

„Should we do a little April Fools' Day prank on Steemit?“ Famous last words? Kind of :)

40+ hours later we had (we also slept a little bit :)

  • a little Movie Trailer and a YouTube Account,
  • movie posters, fake screenshots of banners and much more,
  • a brandnew Steemit Account including a fake introduceyourself posts
  • a number of posts on Steemit, comments, upvotes, reddit and facebook comments and tweets.

This is what we did so far.

Why did we do it?

  • First: Just for fun. But in times of dropping prices, maybe that's what we and the community needed :)
  • We also wanted to show you, what's possible, if a great community like this, will work together.

Some numbers


Some making of pics:

Trailer is finished :)

Richards (@hdrr) selfie at 1 A.M. in the morning, after uploading the trailer to Youtube

The Posters


Funfact - The @lipraproductions Account

We accidently misspelled the Steemit account name (LIPRA instead of LIRPA). That's what happens, when you don't get enough sleep :)

Proof of Work (german)


The thank yous

We just want to say: Thank you! To all of you, who upvoted, commented and resteemed our posts.

Especially to:

You all get the longest fake movie poster in history :)


@hiroyamagishi | @wesakab | @kamchore | @mrsteemian | @mirrors | @morken | @ekhlash01 | @toniux | @infotainmenthub | @calatorulmiop | @vox00 | @jeeuuzz | @onnovocks | @foxkoit | @zongui | @tuck-fheman | @kirkins | @averschwoerung | @jaraumoses | @foodandtravell | @sebbbl | @kaliangel | @kalypso56 | @monsieur-tk | @phoenixwren | @underpants | @mindofmatt | @giralsol149 | @techcoderx | @tooxay | @sinlg | @yasminep | @steevc | @rebeccaontheroof | @ychaudrys| @naika | @uncommondream | @demotruk | @gabbyg86 | @mindscapephotos | @walden | @alucare | @ethanthefigher | @felix.herrmann | @badmusgreene | @infamousit | @syahruddin | @foxkoit | @agrar | @ssin | @bleep | @demotruk | @lavater | @spotlight

Maybe something like this will really happen :) Who knows.

A little riddle in the end :)

  • If you can guess 6 of our real usernames (take a look the credits below) post them in the comments. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner of 20 SBD.
  • Example: LEIM Ltd. - @limesoda
  • End of the game: As always in 7 days. Article payout.
  • You will find some hints in our welcome post and on our website.

Production A Devil Production & Leim Ltd.
Casting M. Taug Ltd.
Music Beat E.
Costume Peter Laurer
Edit Fri Nika
Effects Yannis Effects
Producer B. Whistler
Director HDRR Ltd.
Co Executive Producer Dihl with it Ltd.
Executive Producer Nizzler Productions

The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) has upvoted you with divine emanations (Sephiroths) of Gods creation itself ex nihilo. We reveal Light by transforming our Desire to Receive for Ourselves to a Desire to Receive for Others. I am a Curation-Bot and Front-Run all Bid-Bots used to promote this post.

I'll try to solve this. I think so far I'm on a good path.

ProductionA Devil Production & Leim Ltd.@limesoda
CastingM. Taug Ltd.@theaustrianguy @taug
MusicBeat E.@beate
CostumePeter Laurer@njoy.thejourney
EditFri Nika@annikafried
EffectsYannis EffectsWIP (or simply too hard xD)
ProducerB. Whistler@berndpfeiffer
DirectorHDRR Ltd.@hdrr
Co Executive ProducerDihl with it Ltd.@lifestylerat
Executive ProducerNizzler Productions@nissla

close but still not accurate enough ;)

Really i thought those that i have are right? Man that's hard...
Edit: i just noticed that typo. facepalm

I totally fell for it and even reblogged :D
Let's be honest, the film would have made STEEMIT go mainstream too fast and it's really not ready for it yet!

I'm not going to even try to match the usernames, I'm kind of sad and mad at the same time because I really wanted this to happen...

Now that the joke is over, will we make this happen or what?

Da legt ihr ja den perfekten Grundstein für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft!
Vielleicht wird der Scherz doch Mal zum Ernst ;)

Naja, und wenn ihr schon so spendabel seid, dann mach ich halt Mal beim Spiel unten mit. :)

Fri Nika =@annikafried
Nizzler Productions= @nissla
Beat E.=@beate
B. Whistler=@berndpfeiffer
Peter Laurer= @njoy.thejourney
A Devil Production= @luschn
Yannis Effects= @maybelater

Beste Grüße!

Thanks for mention it was the best april fools prank ever made ;-) !

zongui !!! lol

I am just curious were you mentioned a steem account 24 hours later. Is that how long it takes for approving a newly registered account in your area?

We from the third-world shit holes are treated unfairly on this platform. Account creations take 3 days minimum, some up to a month. #SMH

Oh, anon steem. This is about $18, and greater than my net worth at the moment. Thanks for the clarification @limesoda

Uuuuh.. I'm on a movie poster 😂😂

what a great prank.. I first realized it when I was hidden by another prank in the evening... I never know what day it is.. come on 😂

Das war eindeutig einer der besten (und wahrscheinlich auch aufwändigsten) Aprilscherze die ich gesehen habe! Großes Lob!

Ah :)) ok..ok

But I am very sure that someone fill make it soon, if not this people... then sure somebody fill make it, because it is a good way to show yourself who wants to jump in big boat.

hey, You were wrong : it's zonguin not zongui ;)

Thanks!! And sorry @zonguin. Changed poster and text :)

Hello, @limesoda, not sure this is the best place to introduce myself (but could not find you on Steemitchat or Discord).

Just wanted to say that, as a writer, I was deeply influenced by German literature: Kafka, Rilke, Hesse, Nietzsche, Heidegger and others of their ilk.

If this interests you, here's an introduction as to how I became a writer: