STEEMIT - The Movie - Teaser Trailer (1) - The Social Revolution

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We are very excited to present the first teaser trailer about "THE SOCIAL REVOLUTION" - The Steemit Movie.

Your voice is worth something.

➡ They were two friends.
➡ They had one vision.
➡ This is the true story about Dan and Ned.
➡ The story about Steemit.
➡ A revolutionary new social platform.

The age of blockchain has begun. The Social Revolution. Starts soon. In a cinema near you.

Steemit Movie Teaser Trailer


Wow great. I saw your banners on Reddit today!!!


Thanks! Did you like the Trailer!

I saw them too! Nice trailer, the movie is definately on my must watch 2018 list :)

The trailer is enticing! Can't wait to see it!

I like this trailer... good luck .. 💪👌

Wow great work ! I will make a post about it !


nice idea :-)
I am going to pre-sale tickets for launch at April/1 2019 for a 0.x STD or support to my streetcats in Greece BTC-Account :-)