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Hello Steemians!

18.06.2017 was very big day for me. I passed 1st big checkpoint with my account. My steemit profile has already more than 100 followers.


Becuase of that I would thank you all, my dear Steemians :)


Since my 1st day on steemit.com I wrote 31 posts and submitted 103comments.

Here is my introduction post:

And below you can find my best paid posts. I promise to write same good or even better stories for you!

TOP 3 of lipszczak:

  1. Korea trip
  2. The Light part 2
  3. The Light part 1

I hope that next checkpoint will come same fast as was first.

Please vote up, resteem and follow @lipszczak


well done for your achievement of 100 Follower @lipszczak !
now you have 101 :-) - followed and upvoted !
I wish you fun and even more follower quickly...
Happy Steeming & All the best !

Congratulations on a milestone achievement. It felt so great to me when i achieved this same milestone last week. It was a beautiful thing. Well done and continue with steemit. Put on the steem

Thank you and as well congrats for your goals achievement!

WELCOME to Steemit.
I am following your blog. The more water(posts) you add to the fire(Steemit), the more steem power you will acquire. Good Luck.

Congratulation on achieving the milestone!!!!!

Cool man!!
I've Upvoted for sure. happy to meet you in this big family.
looking forward to your next post.
You can follow my food blog to know more about me @fatkid

Wow!! Congrats!!!
vote up~~!
I’m @jyoungking2 Start by following people and they will do the same.
Please read the following address and press voting
Good Luck

A teraz pytanie - ilu ze 100 followersow zaglada do Ciebie regularnie? :) Czy sprawdza sie to tak jak u mnie?:P

Oj bez przypomnienia na chacie pewnie niewielu. Wszak przy takich ilościach nie sposób przeczytać wszystkiego :)

Nice! Any tips you wanna share?

Just write your original stories or other text. Use steemit.chat and be active :)

congratulations and followed u too :)

Congrats mate.Wish it will be the starting of a great journey.

Congratulations!! This is an amazing achievement. Best Days are ahead for you!

Congrats on getting 100 followers, that's a nice milestone.
I hope your next 100 will come just as quickly :)


Great job on your first 100 followers!

Well done dude ! I also recently surpassed 100 followers ! : ) Cheers to the next 100 .

bravo, brawissimo ! :)

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