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Hi friends,

All of the gifs and pictures in all of my posts have been replaced with a giant red blocked sign and the word, removed. Does anyone know why?

I might have to pause future daily posts to figure this out for the time being. The payouts will continue per usual. But I would love to know why all my photos and gifs were replaced with large red blocked signs.

A bit worried and confused,

Your Little Helper


Question, were they all your gifs / graphics? Did you create them or were they taken from someplace? These questions might be key. Also, some people may have thought what you were posting was spam? None of these questions I am implying, I am not into that, but after seeing this post a friend resteemed, decided to take a look at your posts. Truly hope this gets resolved and you are able to find your very needed answer.

Good news guys....... The pictures and gif is back

Whatever the issue was, it seemed to resolve itself thank goodness. I'm going to start working on my own images and gifs to share within each post so that this never happens again :)

Hi @littlehelper , how do you send SBD to all these voters? Manually? Or do you use some automation software? I would much appreciate if you share this with me, because I also want to giveaway on daily basis , but since the number of voters are increasing , so it is not possible for me to send SBD to everyone; therefore, I am sending it to 30 people selected randomly.

I really enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy the vote!

I have never seen this before but I am trying to look into it. Best of luck @littlehelper

From the look of things it seems the host server from where you linked the picture is responsible for the blocked and removed sign...
But i can see you have resolved the matter, or it resolved itself automatically...

Whatever the case... Keep helping littlehelper.

please let me share this gift here

Good to know. Thank you for your input. Luckily I woke up this morning and my images reappeared! :D Thanks for all your help though

This seems like the most probable scenario. The server linking the image might have had an issue!

Did you copy and paste the image OR did you just link to the image.

If you copied the image, it should stay as it was stored as a picture in the blockchain.

IF you just linked to it, then you will get whatever image is posted on that server as that picture. There are actually options on servers to block people from streaming an image to another page - maybe this has now been turned on because you were using their server resources - which is a big no no as it's tantamount to stealing the bandwidth that they have paid for.

The only other explanation I can think of is that it is some feature of SteemIt, but I think this is highly unlikely.

I have the downloaded images/gifs on my computer and so I click and drag each into the posts. I think it might have been an internal issue with the server.

I'm very glad that it was able to fix itself. Little Helper's daily posts have resumed!! :D

The gifs are probably of someone who is on Steemit only and noticed it.

How he/she was able to make all your images appear as a big 'block' sign is a real mystery.

I thought that only the person writing a post has the ability to alter the post but right now this looks doggy...

Keep us posted!

On another note, really great concept your have started @littlehelper.

Keep steem'in hard!

I wasn't able to alter it... that was the strangest part of it. Whoever on steemit that changed it was able to change it back. I'm very glad they did because I felt like I was offering a very helpful service. The last think I would want is to be a negative influencer on the steemit platform. I just want to help my fellow minnows <3

If you're hot linking from other websites, they will block external linking cause it drains their bandwidth. It is recommended you either save the image / gifs and upload to Steem if they have such a feature or use a hosting site like Imgur to then hotlink.

Thanks good to know. Im not to smart with this but ill try and figure it out

I think that was removed by not putting the source of the image

Looks like they have all been restored! Cheers! and Thank you for your kindness @littlehelper :) Much Love!

They have! I'm so thrilled! I just resumed my the daily free sbd posts! :D

It probably has somethimg to do with the fact that you were using the same picture for all your giveaway posts. Too bad that the person/bot who did this to you didn't leave you a comment to explain why he/she/it made this happen.
Good luck on finding out wtf happened; I will keep supporting nonetheless👍@originalworks

Probably... maybe it's time for a change then! :)

@littlehelper, you may want to try seeking help from and let them know that you've got this issue. Since the pictures go back passed the point where you could edit the post, this has to have happened on the image server.

I appreciate you input, whatever the issue was seemed to fix itself thank goodness.

Good to know it's fixed. Still a bit freaky to see happen.

where did you host your images?

he used steemit's servers

I hope you figure it out, thanks for being so generous

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I don't know - but I was tweeting and my scheduling software just pulled my tweets for you.

very strange...

I hope you get this figured out soon.

Did you get flagged at all? Im thinking copyyright.

I wasnt flagged, and it wasn't copyright. I think it was just an internal issue with the servers. Luckily all my images and gifs are back! :D

Oh! That is such good news!

i hope all is the payout tonight?

Most likely a copyright thing...

Strange. I honesty have no clue. Hope you can get some answers.

hi .... your pictures seem to be fixed. keep up the great job ... upvote!! Follow @lurehound....

I'm so relieved they have... I was concerned. Anywho, the posts have resumed! :)

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You should probably just upload all the pictures to imgur or dropbox.

Looks like they are back :)

They are!! and I just resumed the daily posts! :D

If you uploaded somewhere else, maybe was a problem with that connection and steemit replace them in that way.

Or copyright issues... but from who? Got any flags or downvotes in posts?

You should check this things maybe will find out why. That in the case you already find it, as you said solved.


Let us know what you find out that's really weird

Yeah it does seem weird. Hope everything will be fine! Keep steemin @littlehelper!

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