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in #steemit4 years ago

Whoa! I just looked at my blog and all of a sudden I have 225 followers! That's pretty awesome! Thank you so much to all who followed. I promise to write some good stuff, and even some not-so-good stuff again real soon.

You can see just how happy I am!


Congratulations. Sure enough you look very happy. I will follow your blog because you look very nice and your mood is contagious: D

Well, thank you very much. I will return the favor!

I assumed that it is you in the photo. You look more than happy than you should be. Lol! Anyways, congratulations, Mr!

It is me in the photo!
It may have been taken at a different time, but I am that happy now!
Thank you!

I Followed you! Look forward to seeing more post from you.

Thanks! I'll do the same!

Good for you sir. I'm right on ur tail with 215. Don't sleep, @WriteWords gonna creep 😜

Congratulations on your achievements. Steemit is a very supportive community and in that respect I would like to thank you for your support on my post about my autistic son's art. I have mentioned your name in my latest post as a token of my appreciation. Check it out.

Lol Amazing ! + 1 Follower! Keep it up and go towards 300!

King Steve! Onwards and upwards baller.