Spartan Race "The Beast" - Running And Promoting Steemit

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[Jumping over the fire obstacle during "The Beast".
The fire obstacle is always the last obstacle and the finishing line]

I ran another Spartan Race last Sunday. This time "The Beast" difficulty.
It was 22 km long and had at least 30 obstacles.
Same as the last time, I ran in my Steemit dryfit shirt as I believe that it is a very good way of promoting this site. Especially when you pass thousands of people, both participants, as well as spectators.

I ended up 57th out of 2124 participants. 56th out of 1613 males.
Steem Power has helped me :-)

It was the last Spartan race of this season. The next season starts in April next year. I can't wait. I'm planning to get my Spartan Trifecta. To collect trifecta you have to finish all 3 difficulties: Sprint, Super and The Beast. So far I have finished, Super and The Beast. Sprint is the easiest one.

Short video preview of some of "The Beast" obstacles from this race posted by YouTube user Mudstacle:


The link to the post about my previous race - Spartan Race "Super".

Please, also check up Steemit blog of my friend and fellow Spartan Race runner Dashee - @dashfit
She kicks ass :-)


My boys have participated in the Spartan race for the last 4 years. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get in shape and so a sprint with them one day... but I fekkin' hate burpees because, you know... they suck.

They only suck if you fail the obstacle haha. I myself love them. Sometimes they save me a lot of time. You can just do 30 of them and skip the obstacle. On Sunday, the previous waves kept kettling up on obstacles and blocking me on the track, so few times I decided to just do burpees (proper Spartan ones ;) )instead, to save time. There was no point to just queue 5 minutes for an obstacle and cool down.
You should defeinitely join up with your boys! In the end, you can do together and help each other. You don't have to rush neither. You can do those burpees or obstacles all day :-) It is fun!
What I enjoy the most are the views. I adore running around countryside or interesting environment.

Check up this YT video by WarriorMuscleFitness -"Father & Son Spartan Super - Peterborough 2016"
Maybe it will inspire you :-)

My sister actually did the race with them last year. I saw photos and it looked like she was DYING. LOL
Part of me is inspired to try. I just need the proper motivation.

Hah ok :-)
But she must have felt great after when completed it :-)

We have this in Singapore too. I remember reading about it. More recently, they are advertising in Singapore about the Bintan (nearby Island of Indonesia) Spartan race.

That's interesting. I wonder if it is a part of an official Spartan Race. I have never head of any outside Europe and US.

I'll let you decide:-) I search and found this for Singapore:
Even on FB:
and I had a LOL moment when googling for spartan race Singapore and this one came out:

Hah awesome, I didn't know that there are races in Asia too :D
Ah if I could afford to travel that far and join :D

That Santa Run is hilarious ^_^

This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Haha :-)

Like I said on your Spartan 'Super' post - Beast mode activated :D

Now, "Elite" mode activated :-)

You absolutely rock too @logic ! By the way you did better than you thought. This race was enormous 26km long!!!


Thank you!
Oh really. Wow. They said 22+ km. I had no idea. I just kept on running 😀
Arooooo! Haha

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