Steemit's Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial

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This is my Halloween zombie makeup tutorial ]:-)
It is very easy to do.
I takes about 5-10 mins of work.

You need:

  • Any cheap white cake makeup foundation for face and body.
  • Any cheap black eye shadow.
  • Fake blood. It could be cheap option but I would rather recommend spending a bit more on professional makeup blood. It really makes a difference. I use Kryolan - Fresh Scratch Blood Effect DARK.


  • Horror contact lenses. Any zombie like horror design.

I may have put put a bit too much blood on my forehead this time. I just like the blood :-P

Just put some dirty ragged clothes on and you are ready to reave the streets :-)

This makeup tutorial is an entry to @stellabelle Steemit's First Male Makeup Tutorial Video Contest :-)


This is the best makeup tutorial evar! BRAAIIINSSS!!!

LOL thanks

More blood better I love blood 👿

All the freaks do :-)

You got some makeup skills!!! I am surprised! 😃 well done 💀💀💀

Well, some basic 5 min makeup skills :-P

OK last one - this was me as a ghost and lots of blood. I think I might post more about in some future blogs but this is #nsfw. Lol

You have got the skills lady! Not me!!! 0_o
This zombie I made is also sick. But that took almost 4 hours lol

Fucking hell!!! These are awesome!!!
I should make a post about these. I told you!

Maybe I will make some "advanced" makeup zombie tutorial ;-)

But your zombie version is awesome! Simple and very effective!

Thanks :-) I have just realised that I forgot to spread a bit of white and shadow over my lips to make look more post-deceased like haha

Hi, nice post. For sure it will be helpfull before Hallowen:) Do you do any other kind of make up?

Thanks. I only stick to occasional zombie or drag makeup.
Drag makeup is much more laboursome. Takes half a day to do it (I am not as experienced in that yet).

Easy but really good - thx ;-)
followed, upvoted

Thank you ;-)

Upvoted and resteemed @logic
I was literally lolling while you were doing the touches till you did the growl -
maybe more convincing if you put some in your teeth but thanks for the laughs !

You mean blood in my teeth?
Not sure if I want to put it there but I could definitely use some professional tooth enamel.
My teeth are so crooked that they look scary anyhow lol
I forgot to smudge some makeup over my lips too, to make them look dead.
Thanks for reposting

@logic - not real blood - that's gross
lipstick maybe?
can't imagine what would that taste like though
never used make up nor lipstick

<I forgot to smudge some makeup over my lips too, to make them look dead.

yes, yes - that's what I meant hahah anyway, I had a great laugh. I'm very shallow - comedy is my weakness haha

Haha I'm glad that you liked it. Real blood is fine, as long as it is our own :-)

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Upvoting at 100% and resteeming because seriously, this is cool!

Thank You William! :D

Thank you! 😄

Contact lenses are pretty hard core for a makeup video even if it is zombies! Well done:)

Are they? I've never thought about that :-)