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RE: Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.

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what I understand about whales is that they may be powerful here on #steemit but they are also humans, with feelings and capable of being hurt and tired.

Human as they are they are not exempted with the challenges of life, they do face problems but still as human he is bestowed with the ability to solve any problems that would come.

That's how I know and see about WHALES.


For one who understands life a little bit, they get to know that there is no level ground. Whaleship or minnowship is not what makes success out of one's life but the much impact you are able to make with the position. Nothing but impact, is what lasts forever.

Yes. Both whales and minnows are human. No difference and that is why we should all respect ourselves. It's not even about how fat the wallet is. As it was rightly said

Moreso, there are bigger things than wallets. Pay more attention to the substance of the "human" behind the steemian.

I agree with you sir. They are may be whales who have much compared to others but they still possess the same rights and abilities as minnows have. Im not discrediting them but i believe we can all become like them soon. It’s not just our time now Lol XD konting tiyaga pa hahaha

@itsjessamae very nice, good work girl congrats getting into trending!
@long888 the only real difference as a whale you need to be careful where you swim as many sea creatures get thrown about in your wake.

@d00k13 Thank you so much!!

You're right. We are all equal here! So either minnow or whale we should respect one another.

Yeah although they are the powerful creatures in the steemit world but in reality they are still a human. Challenges in life will never be an exemption to anybody. But I hope being "sip-sip" is working here in this digital world hahaha.

Agree! Heart should be the substance of the person not the wallet. I remember, the statement that "people don't care how much you know until you know how much you care" - John Maxwell. Being whale has no effect if you have a minnow size heart. It is good to be a minnow in size but the heart is whale.

I agree you on this!!

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