Opinions Needed! Does Jealousy Stem From Secret Arousal? Thoughts For Men and Women.

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First: I am speaking from my own perspective, and this is not theory. This is a train of thoughts, uncensored and as far as any conclusive opinions... for me, they don’t exist yet. Let’s call this a sexy study in progress. Please share your thoughts after re ading The way my mind works from silly all the way to seductive.

Girls, girls, girls. Girls, girls, girls.
I am seeing a pattern amongst the new wave of ladies in the crypto space, and it is not the warmest fuzzy in the basket. Whatever that means.

Warning: I am highly reactive at the moment because I am struggling with a mean woman who has made me her target, and I suspect it is because she is resisting the urge to kiss me. 💋💄💋

Lucious Ladies

Girls rock 🎸 in general. However girls can become vicious, jealous, devious and manipulative, with skills of a master puppeteir amongst a world of targeted, unsuspecting puppets.

I am respectful of boundaries between women and their husbands/boyfriends/groupies/co-workers. In general I try to avoid stealing any thunder from anyone, when possible but apparently my “charm is just too much” for some girls who see me as competition.

Really? Jealousy? Come on, Girls. You can’t be HOT and jealous at the same time. Can you?

I think I am hot, I truly do. However the jealous bug sometimes sneaks in and rubs some ugly all over my face. It happens. These days I know how to identify one of these shit storms as it approaches.


A Comical Look At Jealousy

First you sense “it”.
“It” may come from your own lover or husband or any male whose attention you usually enjoy basking in.

Sometimes “it” is a slight change in a guy that is hard to pin point - probably pheromones at that level. Sometimes it can be as simple as hearing him utter the word “she...”.


Your ears perk up!

“She? Who is she?”

Then you seek out (and find) a reason that you are not the “she” that he is focused on for the moment, and alarms start blasting into your mind.

Suddenly your demeanor changes. You will study your current male target as if he is a complex and layered genius.

We say to ourselves “what is he thinking?” And “does this bra push my breasts together enough?”

With an awkward vibe of slight mistrust and a new, creepy, animal-in-heat panic, we fumble around to appeal to his sexual appetite.

Only... he is still just sitting where he was already sitting and trying to remove a piece of his lunch from his teeth with his tongue.

Yes, I am saying that while men are mindlessly (innocently ) tending to the moment, women are assigning roles to the men as if life is a soap opera.

What he is doing is scratching an itch.
She has narrowed the meaning down to his (imaginary) desire for the delivery girl/waitress/female coworker or any other female who appeals to her.

I repeat: While he scratches an itch, women are busy concocting scenarios about the other female who appeals to her! Oh, yes that is what I said.

I wanted to emphasize this majorly. Women see each other and immediately note the shape of each other’s lips, the condition of each other’s skin and hair, they breathe in each other’s fragrant sweetness all in a single moment.

In the next seconds following the females first meeting, the crude objectifying starts. Worse than a whistling group of construction men, we dive right into our physical assesments of each other. Our eyes undress each other.

We take internal notes like “Large, round breast appearance, perky and full C - cup while clothed. Probably a B cup nude” we then move our eyes to the lower half and think “probably has children, based on the tiny crayon smudge on her shoe. Nice butt, may be a yoga butt, either that or she can afford Spanx.”

Side note —> Spanx is a brand of Butt shaping underwear that many millions of women insist are the best thing to happen to lingerie since...ever. I personally have an amazing ass and have no need for spanx just yet however, I know how gravity works so perhaps Spanx are in my future. Who knows?

I really like that skirt, can’t you tell? It appears in my feed, often.

Anyway- I thank you readers for reading, and hopefully the underlying point of my post makes sense, today.
At the start of this post I wanted you to be amazed by my display of strength and beauty. I needed the validation at the time because I was bummed about the recent storm sent into my world from a certain jealous lady. However, in an ironic turn of realizations, and as I pasted (proudly) a photo of my finest assets... I realized something.

Epiphany time

Perhaps we arent imagining stuff. Perhaps we actually Do have something to be jealous of. I mean... who am I to act higher and mightier in the very same post that I am sharing my favorite “walk -away” pic of myself. If that isn’t contradictory - then what is ?

Still I insist on keeping the photo there because... ya know, I went through all the trouble of writing about it for an entire paragraph. I would hate to work so hard just to politely remove shameless “tell-me-I-still-got-it” pictures. So it stays.

Self Esteem Issues VS Awesome Self Awareness

After realizing that my above back-side photo displays the very same behaviors that make me worry when it comes to my relationship, an old cliche echos in my mind.

“Takes One To Know One”

And similarly

“Namaste” which is a term we say in yoga - it has Hindu origin I believe (correct me if I am wrong) and it means “In you I see a reflection of me”


Ok, so ... It Takes One To Know One

🦋So I am all of the things that I have been preaching against. I am the jealous girlfriend.
🦋On the other side, I also am the girl that makes women feel jealous too.

🤷🏻‍♀️Now that I know this ... does it make my actions intentional?

🦋Do I enjoy the off chance that I will be the reason for a nearly undetectable alarm sounding off in another woman’s head?
🦋What is my intention when I seductively walk outside in my pajamas to check the mail and grab the newspaper?
🦋Do women secretly get aroused by each other during our own vicious and sexually charged greetings?

🦋Do women themselves create the ideals that we so heavily place in the mans lap? Maybe guys are just subconsciously agreeing with our subliminal opinions of who is hot.

Think about it.

When a woman we check out is deemed, by the other women as a “threat” or if she is seen as a sexy thing, sometimes I think we accidentally alter our own behavior and I think this is perhaps one of those transitional moments when Men actually start to pay attention to our weirdo attempts to be seen and admired.

Of course he is going to think “she” is hot. Especially when his woman is suddenly perking up her own breasts and her eyes are fixated on the new girls bosom, she is ready to fight for her cave man and it’s because she likely finds the other female to be sexy, in some way. Since Men tend to get turned on when their woman is turned on- this is where the whole thing seems unfair to the guys. I mean ... it’s kind of not their fault.

Women! We are in essence, subliminally telling our men
“She is hot. You probably want to see her naked. She is my competition. You want her and dang it ! I want you to only want me!”

Of course men love competitive sports, and at this point they are likely to get a boner and they are probably confused about it.

Why? Because all he was doing was picking the lunch from his teeth when the women in the room have already mentally seen each other naked and are at war over which one will win his mighty penis.
If he is very fortunate they might be keen to this unspoken, primitive shit and offer him a threesome. That’s probably why he has a boner. It probably ends up as a fight instead - and everyone loses.

If my perspective is at all true... It’s us!
Women, has it been us, all along? Are we all just attracted to the women we get jealous of?

I am curious to know your thoughts - everyone.

Disclaimer : I am not promoting promiscuity I am demoting myself from the pedestal I had built for myself. That’s all. 😂


haha I recently invited a young woman to spend the day with a lady friend and I. The lady friend and I have been in an on again off again thing for years.

You can imagine the conversations we have had since : )

omg I haven't laughed so much in a while, so thank you for this wonderfully entertaining, and dare I say it?, descriptive post!

In all seriousness, I've always seen the phenomenon as one of placing ourselves against other women in a pecking order - much like hens in a rooster-ruled yard. In my analogy we would take out the 'undressing each other in secret desire' and instead add in the 'I am rating you in relation to myself and hoping like hell I can find some fault with you so I can remain higher in the pecking order of this yard - at least in my own mind.'

Yanno? lol :D

Hilarious! Yes, the reality may be closer to what you are describing. Lol 🤷🏻‍♀️

sorry if I interrupt your comfort.
I am sure you are a good person and can be my inspiration.
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hopefully you can judge my writing, because I want you to be my teacher for my writing.
thank you

Ok, you will need to prove to me that you are 1 person because this is a very familiar comment. Are you also on the island where the tsunami was?

i live in aceh country of indonesia.
in 2004 aceh was hit by a major earthquake and tsunami, including my house was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. plus there is war between the government and the rebels.
our life is hard.
many child victims of disasters and conflicts now live in orphanages because of the loss of their parents.

Maybe you can call it survival instinct, that is how I view jealously. Our nature is to protect always our territorial integrity, no trespassing and women do it most excessively so it becomes annoying. Older and more experienced, I have managed to thrash 90% of whatever hormone is in charge of jealousy because a guy, with or without your approval will still go for that hottie. So why hit your head against the wall for nothing. My 2cents though. I hope you didn't get a bash from the jealous lady?..... .lols😂

Great words of wisdom. You mean to tell me pretty girls will be pretty no matter what stage of life we are in? 😁

Thank you for stopping on my side of the street. It made my day. ❤️

You are so welcome dear.


this is special from your fans @lorilikes


Oh my....This is a juicy topic and I love it!!
This is one of those times where I'm glad I'm a dude. It seems so complicated to be a girl, what with the up-sizing and comparisons. Just fcuk or fight already and get over what ever thing you hate in the other person- which is just what you hate in yourself anyway. The only time I was ever possessive over my partner and wanted to "pee all over her shoes" was when I was feeling insecure about myself. I've since learned that my partner loves me for me and there's nothing to feel insecure about. If there's a "thing" we're curious about, why not be cool with the exploration of it? We're open to the conversation about whatever. Life is all about the experience, the people, the situations. We say enjoy and embrace the possibility of it all!

Sorry you had to deal with the aftermath of a jealous tirade although it's the kind of drama I love to see. It is hawt to think about the fact that we are jealous of the things we're attracted to...

All we need now is a pillow fight that turns into a wet T-shirt contest and it will be like fantasy number 1 lol

LOL!! indeed...

I've experienced like you the phenomenon of jealousy while making love and 'undressing each other in hidden desires' and instead adding. it happens very often to me. until I think why the envy is there ??
thank you so much for today's memories @lorilikes

I want to talk openly about the stories you convey lorilike.For those who have a problem as you tell me, be it for you or him or them or me.
When you feel that another woman is "too close" to your partner, and is seen threatening your relationship, your first reaction is to act like a tigress and try to defend what is rightfully yours.
But to be honest, we do not encourage you to embarrass yourself and your partner (and the third woman, even if you really want it).
Here's what you can do if there's a third person in your relationship:

Evaluate yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes you make when trying to fix a problem is to ignore your contribution to this issue. Ask yourself if you have worked hard enough in this relationship, whether you are really committed to your spouse, or whether you are often looking for problems for no apparent reason.
Often, a third person arises due to lack of attention, affection, or understanding given to the couple. So, it's good to do self introspection first.
Confrontation directly
Many people say hate confrontation, but believe that this is the most effective way to handle this situation. instead of adding unnecessary drama by directing your anger to the closest people like family and friends, it's better to go straight to another woman and ask what the purpose is by trying to "destroy" your relationship. The worst possibility is he will lie and refuse his involvement, but usually you can always find out, really. Do face-to-face with this other woman and do it regularly
Civilized show that you are mature and willing to fight for your relationship.
Expand communication
Another mistake that often occurs when dealing with a third person is to stay still and let the situation take place without doing anything. If you feel uncomfortable with someone who is considered threatening your relationship, then talk to your partner. Problems with pairs will not be resolved if ignored or left alone. Discuss the situation calmly, listen to their respective opinions, and find solutions together.
Recognize the real problem
If there is a third person in your relationship, many things can be blamed. Maybe the couple already wants to break the relationship with you but do not know how to do it. Or maybe his ex girlfriend came back in his life and made him nostalgic. In fact, there is a chance you will no longer fall in love with your partner and have found a new person. Do not rush to blame a third person when the real problem is between you two.
When all the steps are completed and no more options are left, continue. Whether it's separation, or after the problem is solved, forget the third person. Focus on your own relationship!
itu dari saya @lorilikes 😉

Love is not always about relationships with the opposite sex. Loving life is also part of a natural love pearl. Even more refreshing because it will flow like the fate that brought you into the future. honest you are very beautiful and sexy even from behind @lorilikes


let those who have clung to you, because they are jealous of your strengths and most importantly your heart is very sincere @lorilikes
you are a social person, from the beginning I became your followers.
I'm sure you are a good person and can be my inspiration.
Today I have posted a post, there I mention your name as my motivator.
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You are God's hand to me, you are God's mouth for me, you are messenger and good news for me. That I do not know and I understand now.
This is a boon to me because God presents a teacher like you @lorilikes
Thank you very much my teacher @lorilikes

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Sexual desire is an exceptional type of envy in sexual connections, introduce in creatures that recreate through inner treatment, and depends on suspected or fast approaching sexual betrayal. It is established on the impulse of keeping qualities in the quality pool and anticipating that sexual accomplices should tend to the posterity. The idea is examined in human and non-human primates in the field of trans-formative brain research.

Therapists have discovered that guys respond emphatically to sexual treachery, though females will probably excuse a one-time sexual experience on the off chance that it doesn't debilitate the male parental investment. Therefore, envy is probably going to be evoked in females in the event that they feel that their accomplice may abandon them for another lady; this has been appeared to probably happen if the male submits passionate infidelity. Emotional unfaithfulness happens when one accomplice builds up an important, enthusiastic connection with somebody outside of their essential sentimental relationship.

Male :

Male sexual envy capacities to guard paternity confidence, and is probably going to have developed through characteristic selection to anticipate cuckoldry – a risk to guys since they could be putting resources into posterity they are not naturally identified with. This would likewise be exorbitant, since their assets would be utilized on females' posterity that isn't theirs.[7] Male sexual envy shows itself in the feeling of desire, utilizing or undermining with brutality to guarantee sexual restrictiveness and the slant to control women. This thought of guys guaranteeing sexual selectiveness has additionally prompted laws on infidelity.

Why do you choose a name so similar to @jerrybanfield a known mega-big account ? Seems deceptive. Are these words your own? Please be real.

Hi my friend @lorilikes.
It is likely you are in espionaging mission to indicate a mean woman who made you highly reactive. I have read full article of your posting. I also have read all those comments below your long and many lines story passage. Most of them give you support to be strong, and they believe that you are strong enough to solve your problems. In this case, I agree with their assumes and hopes.
Here a little opinion from me as you texted on the head of this article above. I would like to give answer to the question
"Does jealousy stem from sexual arousal?".
The answer is yes in one point of view, as you said this thought is in your perspective, but in general case, so many other aspects include to contribute to set jealousy up, some of them are distrust, miscommunication, disappreciate, diny, disobey, disharmonies, ignorant,etc.

Have a nice day friend. Wishing you all best now and on.

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I am sure you are a good person and can be my inspiration.
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you are my inspiration.
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you are a great artist thank you.

nice post thx for share i learning many thing by this post

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a good discussion about women and love relationships.

I myself really appreciate women. because many of my poems are inspired by the uniqueness of women in organizing life.

good post.
I like.
thank you @lorilikes for sharing...

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I liked the structure and the writing of your post😍😍😍 I think everyone likes this poster's post. I am not even a part of it👌👌In other words, a standard post✌✌

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Thanks you so much @lorilikes
My teacher
I've been looking for your link on discord but I did not meet,why ???

basically, no evil human being.
well he's a boy
well she is female.
all human buses become evil,
due to several factors.
the first factor due to unfulfilled desires.
here humans often become evil.
this is from me.
thanks @lilorilokes

you often talk about kiss, it makes me penaara @lori


but I will give you a little feedback about women, girls, girls.

In my opinion :

the woman was basically soft and kind.
why can women be evil?
because maybe he used his bad thoughts.
so two can be evil.

I also wanni.
women sometimes have no handle.
sometimes women can be the most evil woman.
can also be a good woman.
I do not know if I am bad.
or me this is good.

Haha its such an humorous post. This is first time i have laughed so much on a steemit post... Moreover a fight over a boner hehe lol... Do women really fight to see a bone piercing the caves.

see you like the poem, and I often read your poem, very nice and touching.
I would like to propose what if you make a special tagging for you and your fans, one of them is me.