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RE: ShadowBot 100 Days on Steemit! Welcome to Tartarus! [ShadowBot]

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I am so happy that ShadowBot is improving in so many ways, I love the new interface it is very user-friendly. Also I see "Shadow queue" and I wanted to ask what is that? I couldn't find any info on the website :)
And also, is there going to be any rank update soon, thank you so much, looking forward to see 1k casters in the near future :)


Thank you for pointing this out! We have been using 2 terms for the past 100 days! What we now have decided officially is the Shadow Queue (formerly known as the Shadow Pool) is ALL the posts from EVERY member (Shadow Caster) weighted by their rank and up voted based on our rules (only 1 up vote per member from each other member every 24 hours).

Awesome, thanks for your quick response, keep up the good work! <3

What can I say... You are amazing! :)

Wait till we release all the stuff we couldn't get done before this scheduled BIG upgrade. As you can already tell there were a lot of crucial fixes/upgrades done that needed to get out ASAP. The list of teaser new features is just a small grouping of what is to come over the next few weeks/months ;)

I saw that internal chat will be added wow! I have to suggest you something to consider, not sure if its easy to do or not but I recommend adding referral prizes, if a caster refers 10 Steemit users to SB to get prize of 1 rank up. I think this will be a great engagement and massive exploration of SB, people will be motivated to sign up more people on SB :)

As much as the idea of prizes are awesome, the only real thing we can do is give out things like contests to design stuff. We don't have a huge budget for this project and there are already a huge number of hours dedicated to programming (costs).. If we could find a way to generate a fund for prizes it would be really neat, but it would require some kind of funding... We simply do not have the funds currently to finance building all these new features and keeping this project completely free for everyone. Maybe you have some suggestions? The big idea currently is to allow us to create an "anon" account for our chat that we controlled. Anyone who chats with our system that is not logged in would be using that account on the blockchain (which would earn us any rewards those comments generated)..

I understand I can suggest adding mining to your SB website when casters visit your website to automatically mine, this way you will earn not sure how much but it will be better than nothing and you can have the budget to add new features to your page which will be great. I am whiling to stay on your page as long as needed so you can have a benefit from me and other casters. Not sure how other casters will react to this, but we have to benefit as well, that's how SB community works :)

You can't mine steem it is Designated Proof of Stake ;)

Our projection is to build tools so far advanced to what is offered now that we become THE tool to use as we grow we all earn more! The design is the answer the mission is why we do it! Win wins! Keep the ideas flowing though it is how we grow!

Thanks, my mission is to get as many Steemit users to SB as possible, this way I contribute in a specific way, not just for me, but for all of us :)

Also "internal" chat is more of a misnomer it will be a LEGIT steemit based chat. You will login to the chat using your memo key and it will sign (and encrypt for private chats) and anyone will be able to use it. ShadowBot is expanding beyond just a simple up vote bot ;)

Hey again, this is the only way I can contact SB lol
My latest upvote from SB was 12h ago since then I have not received any upvote but I am upvoting other users, is this normal, could you please check? :)
EDIT: I just got upvoted but with 5% instead of 7% is that because the divider is 3 now?

Yes, and with this new SD and FVL you may see smaller %'s but more of the pool's total power will be reaching your posts, and over all everyone should see greater earnings.

Maybe for others, but I only get few upvotes per day since the update, not sure why previosly I was getting way more upvotes. :(

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