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RE: Steemit vs YouTube: We're Coming For Your Creators

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Problem here on steemit is its a bit of a lottery for new comers. And a lot of people will be censored through the desire for votes to produce popular content instead of saying what they feel.

My thought is that steemit as a bloging plaform is fine, but needs to be more thay just that to be able to survive long term.


Some people believe that the blogging aspect of Steemit is mainly to distribute tokens, with the ultimate goal of moving STEEM into the mainstream. We’re already seeing the token used for p2p payments (Steemgigs), and just recently for lending, with @minnowbooster. That’s essentially an advertisement network.

Maybe blogging is just a side feature a couple years from now, and most people use it for commerce. Maybe the blockchain will store things like Wikipedia. If Steemit really goes mainstream, it’s going to be used in thousands of different ways.

What do youthink about eos and eth and all this smart contract stuff. I dont know much about it

Well, up until recently, ETH was an amazing investment. EOS appears to be its replacement, though. But you can never say how these things will turn out!

I know. That ain't much help xD

Also, you'll hear lots of good things about EOS on Steemit. Since Dan Larimer is the brainchild behind both products.

Thats what worries me about it hype to compete with eth

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