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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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i am supporting both chain but decentralization mean everyone is independent to share their thoughts without any fear. But downvoting any post just because you are not agree is not good and freezing someone's fund is also not good and this is not decentralization at all.



You are right, but we can see the other side too, this would not have happened if the old witnesses and whales had made the decision to only want to rule 100% a whole community. The decisions are made by the entire communities, not only 20, the most valuable is #steem and @steemit, the rest is left over, what interests us now is supporting the entire community that was long off the radar by a former government 100 % CENTRALIZED cloned called ¨H¨.

I am not starting a new fight, I am giving the facts and only telling the truth of everything that has happened and continues to happen. The entire community should know that @steemit @misterdelegation and of course with the help of @bullionstackers the communities will have the support they never had.

Thanks a lot for your support..