I like this and am sharing:) It's hard to put reasons around such poor sentiment and the long lasting bitcoin and crypto bear, but I think people are still afraid of what regulators might do to hurt cryptos who ICO'd in the past when there were no rules. Maybe we can count on next year getting some confidence back. Until then, do you think there is room for any kind of sustained rally?

We're at the regression line atm. That means the probability of an outlier (big rally) is greater than ever.
Don't let the sheeps distract you. There is big money and great minds involved in cryptocurrency. As long as you own solid projects, I wouldn't worry too much. Great time to keep building your positions.

I have my favorite projects and can't believe their current prices. I'm going to put some into these position and dollar cost average them next week. I'm hoping to get these great prices next week after my payday.

Well it looks luiggih that you were correct. Wonder if we get a sustained move or a retracement to the low $3,000s. I won't have my money ready until Friday 21st, and the alts I'm targeting already have moved 30%. Hopefully we get a bit of a correction after this significant BTC move.