Eating Your Own Dog Food: Is the Steemit, Inc Team Regularly Using Steemit?

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Like many lately, I've been frustrated with the slow responsiveness of and the now common HTTP 5XX errors trying to use the site. New posts and comments often don't save correctly or are gone forever to be replaced with a Loading... text.

Some early community members have written about this multiple times. Top witnesses have chimed in suggesting things are so bad, you should save your comments and posts before submitting them.

In short, the site is becoming unreliable.

I've discussed how we need our own mascot of failure which includes a styled error page helping people understand what's going on, a site status page to show previous outages and what has been done to resolve them, and most importantly, more communication from the Steemit, inc team.

This morning I noticed notifications working again. No notice from @steemitblog or @steemitdev as to why they were broken for so long or why they are now working again. I asked about notifications 7 months ago without a solid answer.

Two weeks ago, @sneak mentioned a DDoS attack as did the @steemitblog. You can see my comments there and replies from @sneak here and here. Why were there no follow up posts? I'm looking forward to attending SteamFest2 so I can ask these same questions in person and get a better "understanding [of] the specific risks to this site" which explain why a CDN or a site status page are either not an option or not a priority.

I've been running my own SaaS company for over 10 years ( We've processed over a billion dollars through our system in that time, and we're a level 1 PCI service provider. Security is what we do. It's where we focus much of our time and efforts. We have a smaller team than Steemit, inc, and yet we prioritize personal support and communication with our users. Importantly, we ourselves use our own software to bill for our software. In the software world this is called eating your own dog food.

Today, as I saw notifications randomly start working again with no word from the Steemit team, and as I dealt with more slow responses and lost comments, I had to wonder, does the Steemit team eat their own dog food?

How often do you read posts from Steemit team members? How often are they actually using this tool they built to understand community frustrations about it not working well?

I've got nothing but love for @andrarchy (I really hope he truly knows that), but he's only commented 1,500 times (I'm approaching 9,000) and lately only does so every few days. As a community liaison, is he aware of what the community is experiencing? I hate to call him out like that, but I'm trying to make a point, and I think he knows how much respect I have for him, so he's a safe example for me to use.

If the Steemit team used Steemit as much as the rest of us, they might reprioritize fixing the issues we're seeing and put a higher level of importance on communicating about those issues so we can set better expectations. If Steemit knows what's going on and are actively working towards a solution, great! Please let us know all about it! If not, should I change my expectations and use other interfaces entirely to avoid frustration?

Instead of just complaining about problems, I'm trying to bring some possible solutions. For my company, we have a Slack channel where we all daily post our to-do list for the day. This creates visibility and synergy for the team. My recommendation is for Steemit employees to do the same thing publicly. Use the site regularly throughout the day. This will fix two issues:

  1. You'll dramatically increase the communication level regarding what Steemit, inc is working on and what their priorities are.

  2. You'll have personal experience with the site usability (or lack thereof) to better understand your community.

What say you, Steemit, inc?

I've consistently been one of the biggest fans of this site since I started posting in July of 2016. I've never powered down (so far). I've watched week after week as people have cashed out their STEEM and SBD while I've mostly powered up. I want to see this site succeed!

I look forward to your response and to meeting you in person in Lisbon. Thanks for letting me vent a bit. As a witness, I care about this community, and I want to see it valued.

Note: I'm heading out in a bit to go camping this weekend, so I won't be around much to respond to comments until next week.

As if to highlight my point, here's what I got the first time I tried submitting this post:

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth


Agreed. I think it is pretty arrogant from Steemit Inc to not communicate better. After all most people have invested their hard earned cash into it. Seem pretty irrelevant to talk so much about SMT, when can barely upvote or comment on stuff.


Let me ask my little 3 year old nephew about this... He says that DDoS attacks do not last for weeks.

Unless it's an extortion attempt. Might explain the relative silence. Alas, we're stuck with pure speculation without updates from the team. But hey, we've got SMT's coming and a movie is being made which mentions Steem, so I guess those are the clear priorities.

Their silence leading to all kinds of speculations is exactly what I told another witness in a pm last night. SMT is overhyped in my opinion, it's still far from reality (they only produced a whitepaper so far). Before embarking on fancy projects, build a solid 100% working platform first. The way I see it, with the current state of things, if they want to add SMT and keep going as they do, this place will turn to a pile of 💩. I would hate to see that happen because I invest so much time and energy in this place, on a daily basis; I love Steem's concept, like a lot do, so STINC, stop ruining it.

Bingo. I feel like they've left a renovation job unfinished and moved on to the next house.

"Unless it's an extortion attempt."

Interesting idea, hadn't even thought of that...a Steem stick'em'up.

PS - Transactions still failing, this comment was eaten x1.

Lol. Pity for me I know nothing much about DDoS attacks. I need to meet your nephew @drakos. 😅😂

Anyway, thank you @lukestokes for speaking on behalf of us. Your statements are on point.

Cheers, @arrliinn (now crossing fingers that my comment won't disappear as I hit post.)

I fully echo all your sentiments.

On the notification issue, I can provide a little color.

My notifications worked for a few days when I signed up 5 months ago, and then mostly died. What I have noticed is that when my computer BSoDs (got a pad PS I think), and I have to reboot from scratch (as opposed to hibernation), my notifications for Steemit work in all my browsers. This only last for a few hours, then they go away again.

Probably not too helpful, but there's definitely more to it than "notifications have been broken for 7 months on the site's end".

same here but u knew that

It's true, I did.

These are all good points Luke, and I'm really glad you're asking them. The lack of progress has got me down recently. I mean, I know stuff must be happening behind the scenes right? But the GUI stays the same, and as you point out, the outtages seem to be getting worse.

Voting seems to be really heavily affected, sometimes I'll vote, then try and do another vote 5 minutes later, and I get the "can't vote more than once every 3 seconds" error.

Just recently I saw that the post button got changed from submit, and I wondered if we had been abandoned. That feeling was strengthened when I saw Ned talking about how much time he has been putting into SMTs.

Steemit seems to have a big team and an admirable war chest, yet I don't see the progress. I tried to start an "If I Was A Dev" tag, hoping that some Steemit devs would chime in.

Anyways, it's good that you as a prominent witness are calling for more communication, I hope we get it. Especially as the Steem ecosphere grows, I think it's important for the centre of the Steemverse to be running smoothly.

I wish I could afford Steemfest this year, as I'd be right there with you asking those same questions :-)


I'm very new to the community and so far I came to the realization that Steemit community is the warmest thing in the entire Universe yet I come across tons of posts regarding the Steemit problems and I realize that I have them as well. Very same problems. I am used to technical difficulties. They are vowed into the core of our internet lives.

Flashback: Back in the days when I was a kid in Ukraine we had problems with electricity almost every week. Fun times, as the only device with the battery in the entire house, was a flashlight with a built-in radio. It was actually larger than a 5-gallon jug. Certainly looked like a giant red portable gun from the future. 😆 We gathered around it to tell stories…

Back to the story: So I was ready for some tech issues from a startup. I know it’s hard, I’m running one myself. But I wasn’t realizing that it’s currently the major frustration from the entire community.

Do you guys think that this is going to be fixed is this it? Is @steemit dying? Slowly falling apart? Bug after bug? Ignorance?

I was tweeting about the situation to Steemit this morning. I couldn’t load the page this morning. I really needed to write and post and so I went to the only other platform where I’m active. They liked my tweet 😒.

I couldn’t find any status updates from Steemit or any news about outages.

There needs to be more transparency?

Yes we all love the community as you say; however often it seems like the lights are on at but nobody is home :-(

I would love to see a picture of that 5 gallon radio if you have one! Looking forward to that post :-)


Hah man! I wish I could find the images but it were the early 2000s back in Odessa, Ukraine. I was too young to even start thinking about documenting the history.

But you're right, I can write stories about it. Maybe they would bring some light to the Omens of memory.

Oh that's a shame, maybe you could find someone else's pic of the same piece of equipment?

"Some light to the omens of memory" ~ I like that, you put it a beautiful way. Speaking of memory, take a look of my latest series, it talks about how you can edit your memories.

Not so much edit the content, but tweak it so it makes you feel a different way; you can neutralise sad memories and enhance happy ones :-)

I very much look forward to those stories!


Thank you so much for your series actually! I've started reading yesterday and continuing today, you really got me intrigued about the memory editing.

And it feels so good to directly communicate with the author right after reading the quality content! I'll be participating in your discussions often 😅👍

🎶Current music: Sasse - Antiloops

Thanks. I love the great discussions we have here. I just got back from camping this weekend, and it's good to see I'm not the only one frustrated by these issues.

I think things are definitely happening behind the scenes, hopefully and I think they might want to push everything at the same time. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot got reveal at SteemFest.

Nonetheless I share this feeling that more could be done to better keep people in the loop with small updates.

I agree, what do you think we should do?

Those are the same glitches I have had with upvotes and stuff.

I am new I don't know how my tolerence would be if I was in it from the beginning. I guess there has been A LOT of growth and improvement... But if I had been expecting so much more.

I do think status/progress updates would be an excellent offering from the devs to the community.

I am right there with you @cryptogee, it has been very disappointing

Great post! I love the way that you ask very pointed questions and also "called out" the community liaison while doing it with tact and kindness.

There is definately a need for a news post where we can read reports about these problems without having to speculate.

Come on Steemit inc. Don't you see how much we're all doing our part to build Steemit and make it successful. It would be good to see, or at least hear more from your end.

Yeah accountability is key! It is like humour can't live without it!

I think not naming name would have made more sense but that's a small detail. I share your feelings on those issues guys.

He did it in style though

I agree. It might not be a bad move either. I don't know.

I am curious if we get feedback here.

I guess they are keeping everything for SteemFest. Maybe they should look to become better at daily to weekly communication. I still think we should give them the benefit of the doubt to some extent.

Sometimes naming names is needed to make the wake up call sounding louder :)

Will you be in Lisbon? Would be really nice to meet you

Sadly for me and ever more so for everyone else I won't be there.

I was waiting for a write up because it’s been a drag indeed, a challenge to practice patience.

I’m amazed that my comments even come through. Most just vanished. Same for my votes and replies.

I'm now copying & pasting my comments in a separate text file on my desktop before posting to Steemit; the same goes for posts. I've had to re-type comments multiple times as a results of the recent outages.

Yes too many errors now-a- days. I have just re-posted my post after first showed errors. Now i have double posts. There is something wrong with the site.

I can’t even count all errors anymore

@lukestokes, I agree with you 1,000% !! I have been blogging about my frustrations too. I have been psyched about Steemit the past 3 months, but these last 3 weeks have cast things seriously into doubt. There is a SEVERE disconnect between whatever team of techie geeks that is truly "running" and how ordinary people like to access a website. It is sad that so many people are working their asses off to get people to join Steemit and grow it WORLDWIDE and then to have the website have piss poor performance. It is a disgrace really, especially with all the hub-bub about Steem Fest 2... I'm starting not to believe the hype, that's a sick and saddening feeling. Peace

You expressed my thoughts exactly. I've gained a lot of excitement about this platform, the community, and what I've learned here. But, the unreliability of our interface at steemit the last couple weeks has been frustrating. As @lukestokes said, without communication from the team or quick resolution of these problems, it causes users to lose faith in the system. It should be interesting to hear what happens at Steem Fest 2 and see the aftermath here at Steemit (hopefully there's aftermath, because if not, that would be a bad sign). Luke's idea of a Slack channel is great: put it up there for the community to see. If we don't see that they're "eating their own dog food" there needs to be another go-to resource that lets the users know, and see, that they're working to keep steemit running.

You mention this being a disgrace, and I think you're right. Steemit has had a strong start, a lot of support from within the community, and seeing growth to where it has then be suffering with dev communication and on-going platform reliability issues is a pretty bad look. It feels like this should have been something that got ironed out much sooner. I hope the aftermath is a better way of Steemit Inc keeping in touch with the community, being aware of the problems and addressing them efficiently, while avoiding hot headed episodes of lashing out at complaining users on social media.

Time to click the "Post" button, watch that wheel turn for a solid minute, and hope for the best.

I agree its starting to get frustrating. People work so hard and then this is what they get? I like your stuff, following you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

It is wonderful to see/read you can stay so calm wrt the shit the designer and owner of the Steem blockchain is creating! I fully agree wrt communication. Assuming the STINC guys and girls are not stupid; We may have to conclude STINC has a different hidden agenda. I have the feel we (the community) are used and abused. DDos attack was called out; But I'm really wondering if this was and is indeed the case. The lack of communication tells me STINC doesn't care less about the community. They must have a hell of a good story to change perceptions!

Somehow STINC seems to enjoy ruining the platform indeed because there are other projects in work, maybe?

Such great engagement on your post as always!

For myself, I wonder how forthcoming Sneak and the rest of the team will actually be in Lisbon. Or are they just going to continue to say they are working on it with vague answers.

I hope you do get some answers and you can then share them with us. However, it shouldn't take a trip across the ocean and cornering someone to get answers. They should be readily available for us in a transparent way.

That daily Slack log sounds like a major pain for those who have to effectively journal their day. But it does increase accountability as well as transparency.

Good luck chatting with Sneak in Lisbon! Can't wait to hear all about it!

It's just a handful of basic bullet points at the beginning of the day covering the biggest things you plan to get done. Takes about a minute. I edit mine a few times during the day to cross things off and get back on point. It's not a report, just a short list. We've all found it super helpful.

Think Agile SCRUM.

@lukestokes you've been good enough to interact with me in the past, do you have a discord place you haunt? I have an anarcho-crypto question for you?

I'm camping this weekend but we can connect next week.

Enjoy it! Thanks.

All good and valid questions, issues raised and suggestions. You know that better than I do so ... Let's try out another approach.

I remember talking about the importance of community nodes supporting the network. The Inc were lamenting that they put a lot of resources into maintaining the network. Did anything change in this area? I don't think so...

With SMT approaching (I won't go into how and when) the burden on the network and nodes will increase. A lot! Like with ETh and ERC20. It will become unusable if nothing dramatically changes. Scalability is the main issue. Then come modern frontend and user relations. Then comes new stuff like SMT or whatever.

I am afraid that Inc is skipping the issues before are being dealt with.

I hope that I am wrong.

BTW: this comment was published through Busy Beta. Great interface with their node behind it. It's working.

There's a lot to agree with here.
Those of us who understand the nature of the blockchain/front end dynamic aren't worried that a DDOS issue will cost us our steem, but others will be panicking, and hurrying to cash out.
Is it possible that these issues are a not unwelcome stress test, of not just the site and the blockchain, but also of steemian tolerance for downtime?

Well said. I hope the devs can see this as a positive communication attempt. Everything you mentioned is important for everyone putting in their blood sweat and tears on the promise of a huge move beyond Beta at some point.

When I joined steemit I had no free cash and was unemployed. Now I am working again, building my rainy day/emergency fund and looking to maybe move $200/month into Steem / Steem Power.

I am hesitent to do this if the site and this blockchain experiment are doomed to fail. And while I am confident at the moment ..... These small(and large) regular red flags do have me cautious and anxious.

@lukestokes Keep up the great work as a witness!! We appreciate it!!

That's the reason I set up my own website: It forked the code from steemit, but use different full node. It is very stable for the last two days. I think you can do the same way to help other people!

@skenan seems to be broken. “Server not found”

It works fine.

Oh well, tried again this morning from several devices, including a mobile phone network, always with the same message. I’m sorry not to have been able to comment on it for you. Maybe some other Steemians will have more luck than me.

Thanks for your this message. This seems like a bug for my website. I will fix that as soon as possible.

Hi swissclive, I have tried several solutions today. Could you please help me to test that again? Thank you so much!

Its gotten to the point where I really don't even want to use the site anymore. It takes me a good 5 minutes some times just to get my comment to submit finally or even upvote a post/comment. At the level of errors and how sluggish the system is I see only diehards using the site and for sure not anyone new coming to steemit right now which honestly puts every promotion effort anyone is doing down the tubes and gives them a bad rep when they recommend a site that is this unstable right now.

I'm not sure if this is how things are suppose to operate being that it is decentralized and there shouldn't be one party or entity to control it all but this for sure is not working out with how things are right now.

I hope to hear some updates soon and for a better site heck id be happy to upvote a new developer to steemit to help pay for their work to improve and better the site.

I know its crazy but also an opportunity to stick it out. Maybe they are being sabotaged by other cc's

My wife and her friend got me sign up for steemit, to try it out. most of the other social media places I did not like. Many people because of the issues with steemit are pushing 3rd party sites ex: and
and the soon to be released @zappl

I did not sign up for those sites, I signed up for steemit. I do not need a middleman telling me I violated one of their stupid rules, I do not need a middleman telling me, sorry you can not access steemit because you violated one of our silly rules. Steemit has very few rules, so it makes them easy to follow. Even the unwritten rules.

On steemit, yes a whale may slam me down to a 0 rep, but a few carefully worded comments to other whales or the community in general and that whales efforts are negated if they were in the wrong. On a third party site, I now not only need to worry about not pissing off a whale, but of also not pissing off a third party middleman. Once again I joined steemit, not some third party hack, (I am sure they are well meaning sites) that might have a more pretty front end, and be a bit more stable, and have a lot more rules. I joined steemit.

There is nowhere to go and contact the development team, or to leave a message to them. And don't say Discord Chat, that is not steemit, and I am not going to sign up for a third party site to make a complaint. And don't say git-hub, once again a third party site. I tried the regular steemit chat help but there was no one there.

To conclude: Make a post or a place on steemit where Complaints and issues can be left, and that someone who is responsible for maintaining steemit will look. A new user with one blog post called "@steem-issues" and post/blog page, "post your concerns and issue here. Page is read every 2 hours while personnel are available. or something like that.

You sound like my dad....but yeah.

Be nice for it all be integrated!

Technically you signed up for steem not steemit. was the gateway but the account you have is a steem account. So whether you access it from steemit, busy, chainbb or any of the other options you are still using a middle man.

Okay so at any time steem can take my account and lock me out. Steem, and steemit can make any rules they want, that I understand. So is steemit owned by steem, or is steemit a third party provider to steem? Is, chainbb, or zappl, owned by steem? To fricken confusing, maybe I should just throw myself under the facebook short bus. Or the Youtube prison van. Or like I did 10 years ago, just leave social media alone.

"Steem" is not a company, it's a blockchain on top of which the website operates. It will not "kick you out" or "lock your account", because it is not a living entity.

The Steem blockchain is not dependent on to exist.
But IS dependent on the Steem blockchain to exist. is but one company that operates on the Steem blockchain.

Think of "STEEM" like a smartphone, and think of "" as one of the apps. Many apps will operate on the smartphone (,,, esteem, steepshot, etc), but taking away an app makes no difference to your smartphone, right?

Thank you and @voorash: I still have no clue really what the blockchain is, a little bit better understanding of it now, but only a little bit. My account was created on steem or steemit not sure, it was a free sign up and they started me off with something like 14 STEEM POWER. So I will stay on steemit, and view all others, right or wrong thinking as third party providers. Once again thank you for the help in trying to get me to understand what is what.

Right, that would be the website, which is owned/operated by Steemit, Inc". But "STEEM" is not a website, but more like the backbone for websites like and, etc. It's the "paper the story is printed on, but not the story itself", so to speak.

Cool what are the other apps?

Aside from, there's also,, and then there are actual apps for iOS & Android, such as Steepshot and eSteem.
These are all different ways of interacting with the underlying Steem blockchain.

Interesting. What is the underlying steem blockchain?

Think of it as the backbone to the whole thing. It's the ledger, and it's permanent. Even when you edit something - a post or a reply - all versions of the post are recorded on the blockchain. It's a perfect, unhackable version of the history of things that occur. I say unhackable because it's not just kept as a record on a single machine. There are numerous machines, all keeping a copy of the blockchain (ledger) on their machine, and all transactions must match the info on the ledgers of the other machines on the blockchain, which are all scattered around the world. To hack the blockchain would mean all machines on the blockchain must be hacked, and this would be basically impossible.

Steemit Inc owns the Steemit website. If you create you account through Steemit they are by default your trustee which means they can help recover your account if you get hacked. If however you use a third party tool to create your account steemit has zero power over that account. They have censored some people for posting illegal material but even then it is only by blocking it in the front end. Once something is confirmed on the Steem blockchain it is there for good.

Steem itself is software. It can't make rules. The witnesses can change some settings but they can only change the rules by changing the software itself.

To make it simple, the people at steemit inc did build the steem blockchain but no one owns the blockchain.

I wish I still had my Johnny Cash Silver album, because if I did I'd be playing Muddy Waters Rising song. I think I will just sit back and try to enjoy Steemit. No need to add complications or other problems on top of it. Thank both of you for the assistance. Are you @voorash or you @winstonwolfe witnesses? I have only voted for 10 so far so if either of you need a vote let me know, you have both tried to help me, so that is worth a vote.

I am not at the moment a witness. I have considered it but want to make sure I am committed long term before I do.

Hard thing to commit to when it is having this many problems lately. I'd like to think I will be here long term, but that is questionable right now, but not giving up yet, it is still beta after all.

I meant commitment as a witness. Running a server for steem isn't cheap.

lol yea you clearly don't get it.

Great post. I wrote something similar just yesterday, and one of your visitors told me that they just finished reading something from you about it too.

So here I am. :)

The problem we have is domain names. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Come take a peek.

Took me three attempts to upvote your post. :(

@ned's post on the topic is quite unfulfilling for me, but it's better than nothing. I still wonder if they fully understand how difficult the site is to use right now and how disappointed people are at the lack of communication about these issues.

Gotta be honest I think Steemit is dying. I put barely any effort into it anymore because it doesn't seem worth it. Too many spammers, scammers and even some whales acting like complete arseholes, then using voting weight to silence people who call them out.

If you're new you have to pay a voting bot to get any engagement (unless you have tits).

It's not retaining active users at all. The people whom I've introduced have all fucked off, the people I read and like have fucked off, and I would have powered down and fucked off too if I needed the money, I don't because I've made tens of thousands of dollars trading over the past fortnight. So might as well leave what little Steem I have and see if Steemit comes back.

Just being honest, which is another thing in short supply on Steemit, everyone's scared to be real because money is involved, so everyone's being plastic.

And then add the technical problems into the mix...

Haha , the tits comment , brilliant !

I definitely look forward to STEEMFest because it should give us more answers on this. Until Steemit Inc. gets it together, users will continue to seek out alternatives. People will turn to sites like and
and the soon to be released @zappl
Luckily STEEM is a de-centralized system and we can live on without Steemit Inc. Perhaps these Steemit troubles will in turn boost progress in other parts of the STEEM platform.

Our steemit life in beta 😝

I heard about this. Are this sites like Steemit with their own crypto money like steem or what?

Busy and chainbb use STEEM on the Steem blockchain just a different front end. I don't know zappl

No, those other sites are portals to the STEEM blockchain, just as is. So you would need to use your keys there -- meaning, make sure you trust the site owner/operator(s)!

No @cmoljoe check them out! They are STEEM based and you utilize the same account keys

Are they slow like Steemit lately or work properly?

They have been working properly

I'm really glad to see you wrote this post. These issues have been going on for way too long and I'm just glad that our high-rep members are calling out Steemit inc. for some kind of explanation.

I really don't mind things being wonky for a bit, as long as we get to hear someone is working on fixing it. For now, all I see is people complaining, but no one telling us what's up and what's being done about this. The way things are now, Steemit is just very annoying to use. I've been voting for the gaming community lately and that means opening up quite a few tabs and upvoting each and every one after a plagiarism check. The way things are now, the pages load slow and I have to re-load several times to get an upvote to stick. It's just not how a site is supposed to work...

This post is a worthy RS. Thanks for it!

Steemit has being going down too much lately!

I appreciate everything you've done for the steemit community and I hope these problems get solved soon. You've been a big support for me early on here and I appreciate the crap out of that! Enjoy your day brother.

very disappointed with all the errors.

I think people really need to put a wall in their mind between Steem and Steemit. I don't disagree with anything you have said about the problems with the steemit site but you have Steem Power not Steemit Power.

Personally I would much rather have the steemit team working on the blockchain than on the steemit site. Someone said they thought the SMT initiative was just a cash grab. The only way they make money on SMT is if we all make money on SMT because it draws more people to the platform.

All the people that promote Steem should be doing just that, promoting Steem. If you bring someone to the platform tell them steemit is one of the options for connecting not the only option. If more people start using one of the other sites one of two things will happen. Steemit Inc will put more bodies at the front end or they will openly acknowledge by inaction that the blockchain tech is far more important to them which honestly it kind of should be since they all have a lot of Steem and if the blockchain fails it really wouldn't matter how well the site works.

transaction broadcast error and loading.... was what I saw on almost every second post or comment in the past two weeks - having just started here in September this year I still consider myself a newbee and while learning my way around here, these technical issues combined with hardly any communication from the organizers are very frustrating. I am thankful to see that you are raising this topic and hope for some answers coming up!

most importantly, more communication from the Steemit, inc team.
How often do you read posts from Steemit team members?
Can't recall EVER having done so.
meeting you in person in Lisbon
Not going to happen. Probably not even if it was in my home town.
The way I feel about the way Steemit is being run...I might shoot from the lip
and ask question later.
NOT a good thing.
(trust me on this)

Haven't heard that phrase in awhile! Haha! You made a lot of great point, Luke. I already left my lengthy testimonial in your Mascot post, so I won't repeat that. You really know how to open up a huge forum. I see a lot of threads starting from here. I just hope that this spreads like wildfire and reach Steemit, Inc's eyes. Businesses can learn from each others' practices, so I hope they won't let pride or close mindedness (not that I'm accusing them of such) get in the way of progress.

I share sentiments to the rest of avid steemians, I am positively hoping that steemit will be fixed soon as possible, as for now, I try to find another alternative way to post comment in steemit since this is all I could do for now,

I try to encourage other steemians to use esteem app for mobile app, as its been used since early days in steemit and steemitstage,com as looks like a clone to steemit interface, so my steemit recruit will not be discourage and build uncertainties

İyi bir konuya değindiniz. Çok yavaş ve gercekten sabır gerektiriyor 😕

Some good points, it's a growing platform and as I see it a massive combination of challenges face steemit - more users take up more bandwidth and slow the system down. And it's an obvious target for the nefarious who like to show off their skills by hitting targets. I'm not sure how much the founders can do to resolve it short term - or what to say other then "we know there are issues and are working on them" To be perfectly fair it cost me nothing to join this site, in ways I don't understand it seems to be able to give me something back while still costing me nothing - so occasional outages and posting issues - while annoying - do I have a right to complain?

I had the problem when upvoting this article. LOL Who knows how this post will go. I really do hope this gets going more stable soon.

Also, I know several groups of Steemit users are using as a more frequent portal into the blockchain. Yes, there are a few things like voting for witnesses, I think that need but sadly for now that could reduce a whole lot of drama.

I am thinking of cashing out my steempower before it's gone

Your Steem Power isn't going anywhere. It's secured by the STEEM blockchain. The issues with the Steemit front end are separate from the backedn blockchain itself. Your SP is safe.

Ok thank you for that information .

I never ever powered down, believing in the platform and community but STINC. Inc is disappointing me big time @lukestokes it’s the first time I don’t trust them anymore because it’s nearly an insult to see Ned’s and his friends “Smart” token and new project updates.
I feel let down. I wait for Lisbon and explanations.

i am about to power down right now. It is reflecting in the value of steemit as well lately. I will invest it in OmiseGo and TenX

Well at least the power down still works .

Spread out is a good way to go! I am truly disappointed with the BS

There are also moments when the site is completely down. I do hope that there will be interest to fix all the above as I kind of like it :) Let's see what we can do to say it again and again until someone will look more seriously into them.

I'm also surprised from the lack of transparency. It doesn't take much time (20 minutes) to give updates to the community on what's going on.
Let's wee what happens.

It seems the new SMT project is more important

This has certainly been a test in patience. I love it here and want to see it succeed where others have failed, but eating my blogs, votes and comments is not the way to win my heart. Just saying.

i support you. i like your post. thanks to write clearly

Thank you for trying to push the team to try to communicate and prioritize better. Havi g the site down and leaving ppl in the dark is bad for everyone. New users aren't going to enjoy a broken site and we need to attract more ppl not frustrate them

I too have experienced the site slow-ups and was wondering what is going on. Yep. They got to get it fixed. Enjoy camping... although we will miss you at BarCamp Nashville this year.

You are trying to help, I saw you are a Witness, so I voted for you. We need more like you and timcliff and aggroed, anyx, arcange, dragosroua, drakos, patrice, someguy123, and steemgigs, all of you seem to really care about the platform, and are willing to help the users when you can. I am more than happy to add you to my list for your efforts to bring attention to and help people about these problems. Thank you @lukestokes

This is an excellent post! I really think that just taking those suggestions you mentioned to heart would go a very long way to restoring good will between us users and the company. At the very least, it would answer questions.

very good post!!!!!!!!!!

This has certainly been a test in patience. I love it here and want to see it succeed where others have failed, but eating my blogs, votes and comments is not the way to win my heart. Just saying.

you should save your comments and posts before submitting them.

I do this 😆

Thank you so much for this post. Such a clean language. So much power and meaning. I love the way you write; very passionate and very straightforward. I got curious to explore the

Beautiful work Luke!
Nice that I found you! 👍

True, since Ddos attack and hack by Account Transfers is quite troublesome. Maybe you'll be interested in the later one. See, some 11 days ago @samstonehilltube posted an article how his account @samstonehill got hacked by @accounttransfers by his own mistake (he didn't see the i before I was a follower of @samstonehill, and when I read his post about being hacked I upvoted his post on @samstonehilltube and in that instant a separate site opened titled Account Transfers, and then a day later when I checked what's happening to my account on I noticed that my upvote to @samstonehilltube post was downvoted by @accounttransfers. Interesting punishing approach, I might say.
Meanwhile the hacked account was rescued, but I doubt that the whole problem was solved.

Very well written and hope you get a response.

Seriously, how can they not be using CloudFlare or similar service?

And that Twitter account needs to change hands.

Cloudflare isn't an option as they could steal people's keys. They've previously been tied to the NSA, so it's hard to trust them for anything involving in-browser crypto.

Makes sense. Do they have competitors, who aren't tied to the NSA? If not sounds like a business opportunity, or perhaps, a way to stop breathing...

Then again, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying any man-in-the-middle type of service could steal people's keys, so what'd be the point in contracting with a non-NSA one?

Sounds a little disheartening. :/

Fantastic points to be making as Steemfest approaches. I hope the event serves to open the dialog more.

I finally went back and read the 2017 roadmap. The section that eludes to SMT was interesting and has obviously been a focus. However, there are a very large number of pieces that have not been addressed and the year i coming to a close.

Seems like the Steemit team has a perfect opportunity to address what is left (such as Web design and mobile apps for example) or even unveil whatever progress has been made.

Will Resteem this, the message is vital right now in this community

@lukestokes Like you I'm not trying to talk smack about the platform or any particular person or some of the technical issues they are working on but I will say this. The lack of communication from Steemit Inc has been an issue from day one and was always very concerning.

There was always a worry that the whole thing was a money grab to be honest. Then they were always pretending to be looking for people to hire when there were actually tons of very qualified individuals who have spent all types of time on the platform. They were always "collecting resumes."

It really seems like the 3rd party developers are making better progress on shoe string budgets compared to Steemit Inc who is Bitty Rich!

I always gauge the way people talk about the platform on and off of Steemit and to tell you the truth there are so many people who feel like STEEM was distributed improperly up front and that it is totally unfair so they don't really want to come back to it. Jerry Banfield puts up videos about STEEM and the haters on YouTube come in hard and downvote it.

Overcoming the bad reputation is proving to be very hard for STEEM / STEEMIT.

I could blog here full time for years and never make as much as makeup girl did in her first couple posts and I'm one of the lucky content creators on here. I have over 6500 posts

Is it worth me powering up $50,000 to have a $4 upvote?

I just worry that this platform will always just be a very small core group of whales who were here 2 months before me and that there is not really going to be a way for us to overcome that.

are you referring to Sweetsjjjj ? :P

No, Sweetsssssssssjjjjjjj is cool. She put in the grind. She has the financial backing that allowed her to make it through the rough times on Steemit and continue to produce content. I like her.

The person I'm talking to got paid big bucks for no real reason back in July 2016.

31K for her makeup tutorial. We can't blame her for the situation but it was like this weird situation of trying to show how people can make all this money from the platform and then people would come here and spend 5 hours putting together a post and get paid $0.04. So it just pissed a bunch of people off and made them think the platform was fake.

We have always dealt with a situation of the platform not being about good content but just who you know. It turns a lot of people off.

@rulesforrebels has 68,000 YouTube subscribers and has put in tons of time on here and makes about $0.25 / post. What does that really tell people.

It just makes it look like the original people who were of benefit of the unfair initial distribution are still ruling like god kings and there is no way for other people to get in the mix.

Don't get me wrong. STEEM has huge potential, it always has.....but everytime I think it is going to buck the bad reputation it has in the crypto world it can't escape it..........

Still bullish...... belie dat
Still fighting for this platform.......... too much potential here!

The distribution of wealth is my biggest frustration. I've addressed this before , but the only result was , some whales sworn not to upvote me anymore because of that. A bit sketchy ! It sometimes feels like a pyramid game !

Yeah I get your feeling for sure. On about every platform "Leave It To Beaver" level happiness gets rewarded more.

In situations where someone brings up legit concerns it generally is considered negative........etc.

The #1 issue with STEEM form the beginning was that the distribution was completely screwed up. Then after that happened it was mainly too expensive for people to really power up into it.

Someone might say, "why didn't you buy STEEM when it was $0.07" Well probably because Steemit Inc, Dan, and Ned were powering down their STEEM and dumping it and weren't communicating with the community.

It was like we were left for dead. It just didn't look like a wise investment and that it had a very good chance of coming back.

For real though.....It has tons of potential........ hopefully it can realize it. I don't want this to be a Beta Max / Sega Dreamcast story

Steemit Inc best scenario is to just hire the 3rd party developers and content creators who broke their backs for the platform. @andrarcy was a good choice. There are about 50 more they should hire / support to get STEEM to take over.

But they won't........... They are set for life so it doesn't matter to them if STEEM takes over.

It only matter to us that have fought for this platform but we don't have the funding to make the proper stand.

thanks for bringing this issue up.i thought it was my slow internet connection out here in rural country of Isan....but it looks as this is not the case.
if steemit doesnt make any progress/improvements,i cant see STEEM will add a lot in value.its been around at the 1$-1.5$ mark since mid will break to one side....which one will it be??
i think it depends how quick they fix some long brought up issues and new ones which arises with more people coming here to steemit.
but what do i know here in Isan???


More communication is definitely needed. Although, I wonder if the lack of communication is some sort of ethos fitting in with the 'no centralisation' paradigm.

It's interesting, when you wrote: "How often do you read posts from Steemit team members?"... I had to think, apart from Ned, I don't actually know who the steemit team members are. I guess if I searched around enough I could find out.

Regarding notifications, I had to slap myself at the coincidence of them sorting out some of their notifications, timing with my release of a stable notification browser extension. I don't know if theirs will keep functioning, or what exactly it covers (only seems to be replies and new posts from the people you follow), but mine is covering all posting activity: upvotes, resteems, replies, mentions and new followers. At least for the time being, I think my service still has some value.

I'm really glad that you addressed this situation. Im new also and for the past few days I've been getting errors on almost every action I do. Including transactions in my wallet. Its very frustrating and I agree Its time for the Devs to take a long look at what's happening here and attempt a solution, or at least Post an explanation of what's taking place. The speculations are running rampant. Until then Ill continue to Copy/paste my Posts and even my replies into notepad so I can resubmit them after the failed attempts.

Wow...great article...

What if we could volunteer to be witnesses to increase processing power and then if we do a good job we get paid. I like your stuff, following you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

They are busy with cashing out their STEEM for BTC.

thank you for this post and cant agree more - nothing better and important than to see software owners and community "leaders" using their own creature every thingle day and also stay in touch with a regular members.

Your voice is exactly what is needed, an original member, rep 72, investor with a tone of steem power! Thank you for addressing the issue from a totally experienced professional perspective. Well done. Hope we get some results soon.

@lukestokes - Thanks for voicing frustrations, which I believe, reflect thoughts of many Steemians. It is true that Steemit has been very unreliable. I am trying to support couple of communities like Africaunited and thealliance in various roles. My support work involves reading posts and helping other members. It becomes impossible to carry out tasks reliably when the servers are inaccessible. As you have pointed out, there is no notice , a decent failure page or any posts with updates about what is happening
I am a newer member but just like you, I have never powered down and have been always very supportive of Steemit. I hope Steemit grows to become way more larger than Facebook and other social media.
For the sake of loyal Steemians, I hope things improve. At my small level, I will keep doing what I can to help Steemit.



You said it all my bud I agree with you and remember I made a post about this issue and even have problem upvoting posts today. I joined on June this year however have 12K+ posts and most are comments meaning that I am very active here.
I always post about the uniqueness of steem ecosystem including today-feel free to see my latest post about steemit taking out Facebook monopoly however this isuue makes it difficult for me to defend steemit. However I still have faith on steemit and hope that all will be well. I wish you a blessed weekend and you always get my upvote.

Hey Luke. Thanks for writing this to bring up important issues in a respectful way. I was also really excited about Steem, but my excitement has come down a few notches.

I hope the technical issues are solved so that more people can participate. It does have enormous potential. I'm still excited about that.

Thank you for expressing the frustration so many are feeling

This could perhaps be a sign of ongoing growing pains. I imagine the Steemit leadership and support staff are trying to tackle unforeseen issues and are encountering a number of road bumps along the way. I think that if the leadership at Steemit would communicate openly, promptly, and consistently about the challenges the platform faces and how it plans to address them, this will help to reduce the levels frustration people are currently experiencing and help to build long-term confidence. Company heads could also appeal directly to community member to solicit ideas on how address some of the more pressing problems concerning UI and UX technicalities. I'm sure the community can offer up some very novel and effective solutions. As a result, community members will develop an even greater sense of engagement because they will have the opportunity to see the seeds of their contributions come to fruition and they will have greater confidence in the platform as a whole.

This is a very important topic to have for discussion. Thanks very much for the post.

Well said, the slowdown and constant attacks are getting annoying. Hopefully the problem can be slowly rectified until one day we won't have to worry anymore about it!

i am @abdullatifphadia These are for the most part great focuses Luke, and I'm truly happy you're asking them. The absence of advance has got me down as of late. That is to say, I know stuff must occur in the background right? In any case, the GUI remains the same, and as you call attention to, the outtages appear to deteriorate.

Voting is by all accounts truly vigorously influenced, in some cases I'll vote, at that point attempt and do another vote 5 minutes after the fact, and I get the "can't vote more than once like clockwork" mistake.

Just as of late I saw that the post catch got changed from submit, and I thought about whether we had been deserted. That inclination was reinforced when I saw Ned discussing how much time he has been putting into SMTs.

Steemit appears to have a major group and a honorable stash, yet I don't see the improvement. I endeavored to begin an "On the off chance that I Was A Dev" tag, trusting that some Steemit devs would toll in.

In any case, it's great that you as a conspicuous witness are calling for more correspondence, I trust we get it. Particularly as the Steem ecosphere develops, I believe it's critical for the focal point of the Steemverse to run easily.

I wish I could bear the cost of Steemfest this year, as I'd be there ASAP with you asking those same inquiries :- )

Thanks for tactfully spreaking out what most of us think, Luke!
These 150 comments show that you touched an issue many many users are concerned about. You made some excellent points, and it felt good to scroll through the comment section, critics are made but in a constructive way.

We're not complaining, we're concerned about something that we've built all together. That only happens because we care and we want this to succeed.

Well here is my no.1 frustration point:
This community is supposed to invest all of their money into this platform, power up whatever they have, spend 24 hours blogging, commenting, curating, add infinite passion, love and 120% commitment. But when problems arise then the users should please be quiet and patient and just behave as if nothing ever happened. It doesn't work like that!

I really hope they will read your article and wake up. A short statement could help so much.


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Obviously, Ned does not get your reference to eating your own dog food or he would not throw out a one liner about good manners. Good manners also includes quelling the fears of the masses, communicating on a regular basis, and having a little humility.
I too want steemit to succeed and to be a part of that process, but am feeling a little like we are being sold upstream while profits are taken out of our pockets.
It is easy to excuse the poor performance of this platform by saying it is still in the beta stage. When developing steem media tokens truly seem to be the priority.
Steemit must continue to remain highly successful if the tokens are expected to be worth any value.
Let's hope priorities are soon recognized by the dev team.

What's confusing to me is he does get the reference. As he said in a comment, he's been using that term for years. The data shows the steemit team hasn't been adding comments to the blockchain much since the DDoS, as far as I can tell. How can then know what it feels like to use this site right now unless they experience it like we are?

Luke, man.. I just saw your conversation with Ned, and I just had to go here. Since there's already a discussion here, I just decided to chime in. Man.. haha my palm couldn't be yanked from my face. To say that the reply was weird would be an understatement. The reasoning behind it just kind of added fuel to the flame.

You had one of the most diplomatic comments I've read in that comments section. Add to that, you also provided evidence of them not using the site like the normal user. I don't know how it could've ever be interpreted as being hostile, what with all your caveats to avoid misinterpretation. The response was really disheartening. I hope you get that sorted out when you get to talk face to face.

On a lighter note, wow! Number 21! Congrats, man! Only 2 more ranks and I'll be able to say that I was able to witness a witness' ascension :D

Thanks for your support, Jed. Also...

I made it to the top 20!

The blocks are flowing in and it started right at 2017-10-26 11:59:09 UTC.

You helped make that happen!

Woohooo!! I actually commented on your post about it earlier. I haven't gotten the chance to see this reply before that. Man, I'm so happy when I saw those blocks! Not ashamed to admit, my eyes glazed up a bit. I know my contribution is minuscule, but I'm just happy I've had a little part in this. Always great to feel included :D Happy for you, man! Know that my support for you will never end.

My mistake. I haven't been keeping up with the verbiage until today. IMO they are too busy planning for the future before ironing out the problems of today. Thanks for your reply. You have a lot of good ideas that are worth noting. 🐓🐓

May be the Steemit team thinks like a corporate world, making more and more money and not engaging with the community. Will not say too much, I don't want to be flagged (Oh, fear to the freedom of speech as well!)

Excellent post and thank you for being constructive in your criticism. Oh and I am using a lot lately due to the steemit site problems and glitches. I truly hope that there is some additional transparency or insight here soon.

good post.

good post.