hehehe @majes.tytyty :) I always love your replies. you're making me feel super-smart :P

did you ever use If you didn't then perhaps I could guide you and show you how to join this curation trail?

Plus I'm curious how much would strength of your upvote increase if @project.hope would upvote some content which you upvoted previously.

I've noticed that you upvoted your post with 50% voting power. I will upvote this post sometime tomorrow and compare amount of rewards you would receive before and after 200k upvote from @project.hope. I'm sure it will at least double :)


Hmm, again, I'm getting confused. You say I upvoted my post at 50% voting power, but I thought I had them set for 100% on SteemDunk.

Whatever you do, keep me informed if you learn something lucrative. (One thing I do understand is that more money is always better than less. :-) )

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