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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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There is plenty of room for short content, as long as it comprises quality content.

In the overall scheme of things, whales and witnesses apparently prefer longer posts. Unfortunately, some of those longer posts are of dubious quality, and contain less readable content than some of the finer short posts.

Clearly, we should be judging posts on their actual merits, not on length. Granted, most short posts don't amount to anything significant, and can be seen as weak and poor attempts to gain rewards or improve one's reputation. At the same time, some short posts are sufficient in themselves. They may present a brief educational item or an interesting quote, and they are definitely worth clicking on and reading – and maybe even upvoting.

As for upvoting one's own posts, the default setting to upvote one's own posts clearly implies that it's okay to do so. And if anyone spends time composing quality comments and replies that add to the reputation of the Steemit platform, I believe it's fine for them to upvote their own comments.

That is particularly true for those who have Powered Up with their own funds. If a Steemian spends money to Power Up, and then uses that additional Steem Power to support the community and to mentor newbies and minnows, s/he has every right to upvote her/his comments.

Steemit is not a charity where we bring our funds in, and then distribute them with no returns. It's a blogging / publishing venture that creates currency through the work on its platform. And one who assists in that venture by providing quality content should be supported, not scorned or flagged or blacklisted.

Steem on...


thanks for your input

I think I've written my best reply to preparedwombat which is atm the top comment so I won't repeat too much

Taking into consideration that there's probably a large number of silent dissenters, I was likely overvaluing myself. That being said, I was probably still being out-competed by a passive version of myself just renting out the votes and doing absolutely nothing.

I'll try to find some sort of middle ground going into the future. For now, they'll definitely be less activity from me.

And yes, I find that even with perfectly well written long form content, they can still be excruciatingly dull. Good short content usually don't fall prey to this problem.

Another subject from your post.....regarding shorter content.

[email protected] trend is toward shorter content....for various reasons.

Have you read the book...The Shallows by Nicholas Carr.

An interesting read, an ideal gift for graduates. ^_^

About that quality query.....any post which can induce dialogue is it certainly brings value to Steemit.....for Steemit is not just a showcase of posts but of interaction amongst members. Looks like you bring quality and value to Steemit in spades.

Enjoyed reading the replies.....regarding the topic of your post.


That's a fine observation; i.e., this is "not just a showcase of posts, but of interaction," compelling us to maybe rethink Steemit, if even a little bit.

And thanks for the link to "The Shallows." It seems very interesting, and I've added it to my wishlist.

Here here @majes.tytyty!