Where are we going?

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I've been quiet lately.
Been trying to ask these questions; What is the meaning of this life? Where are we going? Why everyone yells about having the answer but is fighting and killing people to prove it to others? Why can't we accept that every single person around us is totally different compare to what we know and that is okay? Why does everyone need to say ''my way is the best''? Why don't we see that there are many answers to the '' Maze of Life '' ?

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-12 at 10.32.52 (1).jpeg

Sorry I'm venting, I told you I've been quiet lately. :)

Peace! <3


Venting is ok. The questions of life are always there and will always arise. We don’t have the answers untill we lived the questions, let me know when you found the answers

I've been reading the book '' Man's Search for meaning '' and I'm wondering if I've been asking the wrong questions. What if each one of us is the answer to life? What if our narrow monkey mind has made us believe that there must be one answer? sorry here comes the rest of the venting! :D
Thank you for the comment! :) <3

I guess you already got your answer and it’s ok I will vent with you! But if all of us are life’s answers than we have to many captains on the ship. We need leaders. And if we are the answer why are we fucking it up! In sooo many ways

Well honestly I believe that human beings have yet to wake up!
I lived in Philippines for 10 years and now I'm back to my small town in Iran and now that I'm looking around I can definitely say that the ignorance is the main problem of this species.
all of them basically say the same things, all the races and religions I mean and yet they can't accept that they basically are saying the same things.

So true if only people would listen ! And respect different roads to the same goal
But that seems impossible
A shame if you asked me

Very simple and yet very difficult.
One more thing I have learned is that they don't know any better.
Education maybe the only oasis for us.

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Yeah, humans are complicated. We already know all these things, but we can't accept it. We think each one of us is the best and that everyone should follow our opinions. Nice drawing! Did you purposely make them look like trees? I see it as: We are connected in our own way, but we still are different persons after all and we have different sizes of expectations, thinking, goals, etc etc

Getting a compliment from a great artist like you flatters me so much.
yeah pretty much that's what I had in mind. But usually I just draw what comes to my hand and I think less about what it could mean and I just find its meaning after it's done! lol
Salamat, salamat! <3

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