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RE: Steemd is now completely free to use with an MIT License

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I assume that's called absolute FREEDOM doing what ??? or @ned please, could you explain a bit better for the NON Techy women like me why everybody is that excited? I am just a humble content creator 💃😜 collecting some real yummy steem peanuts. Shouldn't steemit go mainstream ? HERE I Am! Talk my language that a few millions who suppose to join, will also understand . Danke schoen ! 🌹


Look at my most recent post. I mentioned you. We will tackle all these issues for millions to come. Steemit has a better chance at going mainstream and perhaps steem currency too according to the techy crowd cos developers have more freedom with the code as it is now open source license-wise. I know I didn't answer it well enough still but we will tackle it. Please read my lengthy post. I will be really glad and leave your comment, a support, feedback or criticism.

Thanks ! I am busy today offline.
I do understand more and more because I am spending zillion of hours reading and educating myself but the regular not so crazy newbie to this world will turn mad here.
Thanks for your feedback

I had suddenly lots of steemit clones in my mind😉

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