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RE: 99 developers on Hive but only 20 IQ

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Once again your actions do not aline with your text. You're pulling out of every STEEM/HIVE Chain? To fail with your own chain, again?

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And now at the very End let me tell you this enlightening Words. You have NO - 0 - Less then any - Idea of what your talking about!

There's no such thing as a protected HIVE Blockchain Brand:

Dream on buddy... bzzzzz Manni


Please don't be so dumb (or malicious to try to fool people)
Look the entire history and come back to tell what I made :)


One of my team member who is not in cryptofield asked me to do something with his steem, so when the price increased I sold her steem (around 7000 SAT each)

She can now buy the double or triple easily :)

And yes I will be pulling out all Hive that I own. I don't trust it, I don't trust people who freeze assets or make a blacklist of users that can not receive tokens because they proxied their votes on someone else. They even dare to blacklist steemchiller who made a big work and never got paid or abused like the others did... but yeah you are right :D I have no idea of what I m talking about :)

My own chain is ready since a long time no worry about this, and it will be used to be complementary with Steem soon!

Edit: you know nothing about trademarks, there are different way to register a brand, and having it unregistered in deustchland does not mean that it's not registered somewhere else.

It makes you able to use the brand here until the initial Brand claims it by a court decision (in years), the same goes for a lot of different other countries. No protection means no protection. You can't just lawyer that one through now, you need extensive court judgment fist. Yeah... I'm kinda deep in that topic and my guess is that the original HIVE will not go for those costs, neither would they benefit in any way of doing that.

And the register is not limited to germany, the web service hosted by Deutschland - choose your fav. one and repeat the search. The thing is, you're still bluffing, maybe don't do that.

@manniman nique ta mère en fait

you too buddy