You are a recent steem user. You haven't experienced everything we've seen on this platform for 4 years. False announcements. Votes between friends etc etc ...

I'm not a fan of junstin sun and I don't know him. But freezing private funds is contrary to the foundations of steem and any concept of cryptocurrency.

So ok, you're going to make posts at 2 dollars for a while going in the direction of those who will soon exploit you.

Remember this discussion in a few weeks or months.

and know that I'm not embittered, I won what I had to earn with steem. I got 100 dollars sometimes with a photo ... you don't talk to a beginner or someone who has an interest in tron

Steem Cleaners and Cheetah? That's only two garbage bots. Like hundreds of them more.

Because the option of inserting a canonical URL within the publications was never created.

That would have been a billion times better, surely easier to create, and a billion times more positive for Steemit and for creators who work seriously with Steemit.

But no one thought of creating that. Truth.

You know why?

Because they have never been interested. Because developers have only looked for its benefits.

It is much more interesting to create bots that make money for themselves, than to create a simple option that works magic in the true creators who decided to use Steemit.

Do you know what a canonical URL is?

Do you know that there are other ways to check duplicate content?

Do you know that it would be much better to directly hide it?

Do you know why those bots give votes instead of hide?

Do you know who created them?

Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...........................