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RE: Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.

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While all the secrets shared so far have been very good advice, this one speaks to me the deepest so far.
I absolutely do not like when people are measured by the amount of money they have instead by what kind of human being they are. I do believe that we can tell pretty quick what kind of person we are dealing with when following an account. And to follow someone because they are "rich" is just so sad.
I think the only reasons to check someone's wallet is to make sure that a transfer arrived or to see if they have enough bandwidth to post or need a bit of help to get there.


Exactly what we try to adjust in this process here.

And we are seeing new and complete things here. It seems that you are completing a puzzle of new things. It is quite vague yet but I believe you are creating something significant. That's why I created a post about your "vision"

I am very glad of it and will do my best to support you however I can. I very much appreciate your work!

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