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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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If you truly believe that your content has value to others, maybe you could not upvote your own content for a while and see if the rewards you receive from the people you are sharing too is in line with what you expect to get for it. That's what 99% of the members of Steemit have to do. I can understand both why you are doing it, and also why you got flagged for doing it, but i'm not sure exactly where I stand on it as I am not 100% versed in what else you give to the platform - if you are a brilliant curator for instance and get rewards to people who deserve them other than yourself.

Personally I don't like short content as often it just seems to come off as spam, especially when it appears that you are earning quite a lot of money for it (comparitive to other quality posts). Others on here really struggle to make anything having put a lot of time and effort in which is where the angst lies.


This would be entirely fair if I could do it with my main account, but I think that's messier for everyone (i did this twice, my first 2 posts after a 4 month break and got $70 without self voting)

I see that not everyone likes short content, but do you broadly agree that that's the direction mainstream social media has taken and it might not be a bad idea to push for it here?

The hard truth is not everyone is suited to being a content creator. I'm just trying to figure out whether I'm not suited to it either, and if so, just on this platform or in general.

Do you find my short content to be worse than other short content on here? How about compared to viral content elsewhere?

To be honest, i'm not a fan of short content. Guess that might be due to me being an old man :). Im on twitter but never really got to grips with it, same with things like instagram. It's all a bit too "quick" (for lack of a better word) for me. I think that the social media of tomorrow (and maybe it already does) will fulfill the need to get a quick hit of information/amusement as people don't have time to read a few thousand word description on "how I am creating a timelapse rail using electronic components" (excuse the blatant self-promotion). So, in answer to your question, I find your stuff neither worse, nor better than anything else on the internet.. apart from it being better than the stuff that people on here try to pass off as their own while blatantly stealing it from somewhere else. At least you put some time into it. Is it worth the amount you get for it by self upvoting? If you hadn't invested the money yourself to do this and had just lucked out by being on here as an initial investor and gave nothing back to the community then yes, I'd think it was taking the piss a bit. However, as you have put in a lot of your own money and are hopefully using this to curate other content and build the platform, i cant really argue against it but it's still a grey area that is going to cause different people to have different opinions.