10 SBD GIVEAWAY - Hope you don't have Chrometophobia: Come and take my money #2

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Hey Steemians,

hope you are enjoying your Friday evening. I'm just preparing things for a quiet movie night at home with Luca Guardiano's "Call Me by Your Name", this year's Oscar nominee.
Have to say once again how excited I am to see many people from my country joining this growing Steemit society. You can read more about that Steemit boom in Croatia in @ivan.atman post.

Now to the point

Earlier this week I've reached a milestone of my first 500 followers here on Steemit and also had a little six months anniversary. For those who don't know me (yet), I'm a journalist, blogger and a high-schol teacher as well as mother of pre-adolescent from Zagreb - crazy about travels, books, music, movies and - cats. You can read more about in my introduction post.

Why are you giving US your SBD?

As I wrote in a previous post, I feel like celebrating are sharing some of my SBD to people who will use them well. I think Steemit is high-quality and growing platform and I am happy to be around. I think there is many potential in crypto world in general and that the best is yet to come. We are not going to be dishonest and say we are not here because of money, but it sad and disappointing if that is your only motif to stick around. From my short experience here, I've seen Steemit to bring the best, as well as the worst in people. Did you ever think about that?

Today's theme that you'll be commenting about is phobias

We are all afraid of something, on one level or another. My Steemian pall @matko-md could probably tell you much more about that. So today I'm just gonna focus on phobias. Phobia is sort of anxiety disorder manifesting as a strong and mostly inexplicable fear of certain object or a situation. There are endless number of phobias, and one can be afraid of literally anything in this world. There is official list with more than 500 named phobias.

Did you know that...

CHROMETOPHOBIA - is fear of money
AILUROPHOBIA - is fear of cats
CHROMOPHOBIA - is fear of colors
ENTOMOPHOBIA - is fear of insects
TETRAPHOBIA - is fear of number 4
TOKOPHOBIA - is fear of giving birth or pregnancy
PHILOPHOBIA - is fear of love
NYCTOPHOBIA - is fear of darkness

Crazy we people are! :) I call myself happy to get away with claustrophobia and musophobia, fear of mouses and rats. Brrr!


What are the rules to participate in the contest?

FOLLOW ME @matejka13
LEAVE A COMMENT - what phobia do you have? :)

Participants of my giveaway so far are @scotters, @faces, @big.mama, @tom28, @magicalmoonlight, @rosz, @sljivanono, @revisesociology, @herverisson, @sweetjoy and @ketocee. Thank you, guys! Everyone else - please feel free to join! Be creative :)

Winner will be announced on 31th of January and will recive transaction of 10 SBD by 1st February on his or her account. :)

Have a lovely and relaxing evening!




Thank you for reading. Photos are public domain.


When I was a kid, I had a fear of buttons :D
Later I found out it actually exists.

Koumpounophobia is a relatively rare phobia, but one that does exist. It is, simply explained, an irrational and persistent fear of buttons (standalone ones or those on clothing). People suffering from Koumpounophobia tend to avoid clothes with buttons.


Matko, I hope it passed ;)
Bilo ni zajebano nositi kutu bez gumbiju :)

prokletstvo pravo :)

I have poorophobia, gimme ur moni

Mine is Merinthophobia ^ still didnt got me into serious trouble, but it could.

ive been handcuffed in a close meeting with our dear police, and that was almost the moment to get into enormous trouble, but i got my self out somehow.

it was something closest to drowning experience. and its not panic really, its uncontrollable urge to get off handcuffs. total blackout of common sense.

it was after some brawl and fist fight ( we were still kids). i was loudest so they cuffed me too with the rest, and brought us all to station. and they left us wait, face to wall at some corridor.

i was thinking only how to get off my cuffs. had to hide that i already started shaking of helplessness and rage. so i twisted my hands&cuffs and made it tight to cut off bloodstream to fist, and after min or 2, i called officer and told him my hand is hurt, and i cant wear cuffs because its swollen.

really, hand was looking awful. indigo almost. in one moment i thought would it be enough, and been ready to really break it a bit, just to get it off. but this was enough. officer thought it would be too much pain in the ass to drive me to hospital too. i was even not guilty later. multiple win.

but sometimes after that event, ive decided to not come to such situation like, ever again lol

Good luck with your contest!
Btw, koji predmet predaješ?

Hvala ti :) Predajem hrvatski 😃

Super! Kolegica 😊 ja sociologiju

Ohoo! Koleginice! Sad si mi jos draza 😃


I have astraphobia – The fear of thunder and lightning.

I have Acrophobia. The fear of heights or falling

I have Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- the fear of long words.

Thantophobia is what I have. The fear of losing a loved one. This phobia is towards my daughter and my mother. I can not handle the thought of losing them. The thought does more than make me sad, it gives me severe fear and anxiety.

I agree with what you said about being here for money. I think we all can say we joined for the money but you are right, money should not be the only focus. Im very new and dont make any money but I still love what the Steemit community is all about. I still enjoy writing blogs and I will continue to be part of Steemit.

Thank you @magicalmoonlight! I’m glad that ee agree on important issues here ;)

I have ailurophobia- fear of cats...in fact I didn't visit my grandma for a year because she was rearing a cat...lol

Oh shit! Then I can’t invite you for a beer :D

Laughing out loud...do you rear cats??

Thanks for the mention @matejka13 obožavam ovaj art na kraju tvojih postova, jesi ovo ti?
sliči mi na Beth iz Ricky And Morty-a 😆

Super su ti postovi

Haha, to je moj avatar :D Napravi i ti svoj na BITMOJI app. Hvala ti :D

Ahahahah, sad sam malo proucila Beth! Ima nesto ;)


pencilvester eh?

Da možda budem @matejka13 inace kada trebam nesto kod grafike radim sam ali volim se igrati s aplikacijama 👍

COULROPHOBIA, fear of clowns, that's why i don't go to circus shows😊😄

Philophobia , am really scared of falling in love coz i see what happens to most of my friend who fall in love.....

Acrophobia. I'm really scared of heights. Been scared ever since I broke my arm climbing trees as a child

I have Glossophobia that is am scared of speaking in the public and even appearing in public places

Oh, I also gave a bit of glossophobia, fear og public speaking. Auch!

Yh...feels wierd

I have Acrophobia - the fear of heights. I'm afraid to look down
I have Cynophobia - the fear of dogs. I'm afraid that the dog will bite me

Fears and phobias as a way of celebrating? You are weird little one, aren't you? :)
Congratulations on your first 500 followers and thank you for this selfless giveaway, it's really nice.
Here is my entry: Pagophobia

Pagophobia is a fear of ice, it can be represented by the fear of ice itself, frost and even ICE CREAM :) For me, luckily its just ice, ice cream and I are good friends :)
Your post has been upvoted and reestemed.

Autokinetodromophobia... I'm always afriad of highways

My phobia is Claustrophobia. Fear of Suffocation.

Cryptobubblecrashphobia!!!! I don't need to explain! you got me ;) thanks for the reward beautiful :D

Ahahaha, you’re great @greatgatsby! :D

Bathophobia , fear of deep water, shit i started hating deep water since my best friend died of drowning...

I think I suffer from scoleciphobia - terrified of certain types of worms, I guess because of unhygienic reasons...! Best, @Finance2Nomad

I am a little bit of a germaphobe.

I don't have it, but I am sad to see that lots of people have this phobia and they don't even know it. Achievemephobia (the fear of success)

Apotemnophobia. Fear of amputation. Specifically my right hand because that would destroy my career and life

Hahaha...this is interesting post. I am afraid of very little things, but I have very strange and not very pronounced fear. It is the FEAR OF STRONG CONTRAST. I don't even know has it ever been recorded before. It is very hard to describe it, but when i see a strong bright/dark contrast difference i get uncomfortable. It can be a dark cave with sun protruding, underwater or land, but is especially expressed on animals when they have Black&White stripes and patches..just like on pictures below...I get nervous just looking at them!

I have contestophobia irational fear of losing contests.... Ok I just made this up :-) ... I wish I have some cool or funny phobia so I can win this contest. :-(

PHILOPHOBIA - is fear of love I have this phobia because of i am so true and honest to my love and fearing that her love will no longer be mine. because \i want her forever in my life. I am fearing of losing her. this my PHILOPHOBIA.
Thank you so much for this lovely contest i t will help one of us to sharer what their phobia in life . and \i am so close to that. thank you. @matejka

Hy. I am with no fear or I try to find out the truth and the fear disappears if it if it appears.