Inaugural Flashes of Being in the World

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We live in a time of much accumulated knowledge, of much in their own organizations, at the same time, and due to this, intense scientific epistemological discoveries and rediscoveries.

This accumulation of knowledge was constituted by long strands of ideas and ideals, doctrines, or even ideologies, which with due conceptual refinement can be interpreted as theories. Thoughts that have had and still have a lot of influence on our Western culture(Greek).

Greek Writings - Source: Pixabay

We have access to this knowledge, through writings - immutable image - also other archaeological evidence, making several people use these same materials as raw material in the search for the meaning of their crafts, invariably, in the sense of their lives.

Many people, throughout history, have had an interest in contributing to human knowledge. Many for the collective ideal of building a civilization. Advances in the face of ignorance of what being in the world imposes on us, set by our very nature. And in opposition to the ignorant, who eventually imprison the creative power of the human mind, in the face of our great destructive potential.

The artisanal work of historians and archaeologists, also of translators, and many other curious people, present us with an attempt to build puzzles of the past, of the lived. And make no mistake, it is a job still far from being finished. Does such a job end?

Anyone who seeks to understand these fundamental doctrines of the Theory of Knowledge, invariably, and by different authors, comes to the same point, to the roots of the ideas of modern thought, germinated in Ancient Greece. A place where the inaugural flashes of being, the strength of these thoughts, reach us today.

Many authors are inexhaustible sources for exploring human knowledge. At the beginning of this series called Chronicles of Unknown, I highlight the works of two authors that we will visit a lot: Nobre de Melo (1909 - 1984) and Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970).

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Chronicles of Unawareness: Text 1 - Inaugural Flashes of Being in the World

Autor: Matheus Guimarães - Psychiatrist -

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