Let Give Back To Steem Community. || I Made Some Delegations For Steem DApps And Why?

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Hello Everyone 💕 💞,

Few minutes ago I made a pledge to make some delegations to the steem DApps who really work for the growth of the blockchain using other great interface. I'm so sad to write this but it's true we need to survive together no matter what. We have alot of people who are currently helping the situation out of bondage but as individuals we need to get up from our sleep and set up other positive ways to make Steem come back to normal and even hit up the target.

Thanks to @theycallmedan for his huge support for the Steem Community as a whole. The @blocktrades are really doing great as well. The Steem Community at large is a great place to dwell with much creativity and investment.

I made my delegations even though it too small but nothing is too small to assist. We need to stand up and delegate more for this progress report. Here are my proof of delegations.


For @dtube


For @steemcleaners


For @tasteem





I finally made my own part to take Steem to the higher level for good.


Let Continue To Survive with Steem.

Thanks for reading and supporting me as well.



Your stake and do as you wish, but @dtube? Just curious. You may wish to have a look at this...


Not saying they asked for the delegation, but @dtube aka @heimindanger is not helping to reinstall our witnesses. DTube only votes for 8 witnesses and one of those witnesses is dead in the water.

The @misterdelegation account belongs to @justinsunsteemit aka @steemit.


This information is submitted to you for your study and reevaluation of how you wish to help the community of STEEM.

Much respect and have a great week.

Witch hunting in action eh? I've decided to stop voting for anything that could enter the top 20. It's a sign of neutrality. Witnesses have recently proven they are also a corrupted entity. My votes will remain that way for a while

On another note, delegations don't count for witness votes. What I'm voting with is my stake.

Smile. That's cool 👍. You said it all but we need to put heads together and more also we need to protect our Investment and stake as well. Let think twice before we take some decisions @heimindanger

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So, we have your answer. Just an observation. Thank you for clarifying your position. Your stake, waste it as you like. My observation? I do not believe you to be neutral and time will tell the tale.

Have a great week and wash your hands!

Seen. Thanks for your observation

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You delegated so you do not give back but earn with it.

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It's vice versa

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If you give back to the community you host a contest and make steemians earn, help newbies, invest your earnings in others. Happy day and stay safe. 💕

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