Day One | Steemit Bootcamp for Underprivileged Kids

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Wow, it was intense! The kids were learning so fast that I basically burned through 3 days of planned contents in 1! #gulp

Contents for Day 1:

  • Blockchain - The Next Big Revolution
  • Social Media - who makes the money?
  • Blogging - why do only 1% of the blogs make real money?
  • Definition of Content
  • Steemit Interface Overview
  • Generating Income on Steemit
  • Goal Setting - 80 Steem in 60 Days
  • Tags & Categories
  • Research on #Introduceyourself - Best practices and Big No-Nos
  • The 5W 1H Method of Introduceyourself
    • Why - What's your purpose to be on Steemit? Why Steemit?
    • Who - Who are you?
    • What - What inspires you? What do you represent?
    • Where - Where are you from? Where have you been?
    • When - When did any significant life events happened to you?
    • How - How did you get to where you are?
  • Markdown Language & Typora
  • Say hello to
  • Post your first post - #Introduceyourself
  • Say Hello to Steepshot
  • Introduction to Slack - The Better Way of Communication

Assignment for Day 1:

  1. Watch Richie Etwaru's TEDxTalk on Blockchain: Massively Simplified.

  2. Think of any topics that interests them (food, travel, photography, travel, stories, movies, learning, books, games, anything that they don't mind talking about every day). They can also pick subjects and topics they learned from school.

Key Learnings:

  1. Kids generally progress faster on Steemit because they don't ask too much of the following questions:

    • Where the money come from?
    • How to withdraw the money into a Malaysian account?
    • Is the money legal? (Totally zero questions on this one from the entire class)
    • Is the money real? (Also zero question on this too)
    • Can I deposit money to boost my Steem Power? (This one came from an adult.)
  2. They are quick in taking action. Throw in a SBD1 incentive for the first to post, and within 30 minutes, all posts are done. Normally, adults can take up to 6 months (or try never) to post their perfect first post.

  3. Peer pressure helps. It was good incentive for them to learn and apply fast, especially when they see their friends start getting upvotes.

  4. While adults always give the BS of "writer's block", interestingly, none of the kids had that issue.

  5. Some were quick to ask what other types of contents can they post on Steemit, and some came ready with their drawings. One kid, Louis, was quick to submit two posts of his drawings, and within an hour, got a compined upvote of $21! You can see the thrill in his eyes, something I recognised too - the first time you made money for yourself. Though the amount was little, that moment is totally unreplicable. Entrepreneurs would understand this very well.

  6. The teens are generally quite tech-savvy, and are quick to find familiarity amongst the new interface. Once a good linkage is build (Likes = Upvotes, Wallet = Piggy Bank, Steem Backed Dollars = Coins from Subway Surfer etc), they pick up really fast. For once, I won't have 1am messages asking how to upvote a post, or how to post a post.

  7. It's very crucial to stress the importance of the passkey. Some wrote it down, others took a photo of it. They also learned a simple Copy-And-Paste may not cut it, because what's pasted is sometimes not Plain Text.

  8. Getting them onto Slack encourages them to consolidate their communication on one platform (rather than WhatsApp and FB messenger all over the place). A simple "This is WhatsApp for Work" was enough to get them to understand the function of Slack.

  9. Some of the teens came and asked if their family members can be on Steemit too. This showed that they are also thinking of ways that others can benefit from the platform.

  10. A quick assignment of the tech-guru for each group sped up the process of explaining software setup. Though reluctant at first, a simple SBD1 salary to be the tech-guru for 9 days quickly solved the problem. :)

  11. The organisers told me it was the first time they intentionally delayed breaks and lunches because they were so excited about the platform and its potential.

Overall, the teens still need some a lot of polishing of their contents, which will be covered in Day 2 and 3. To objective is to help them have better structure, better grammar, better formatting, and to not have all their posts in All Caps!

Though it was a tiring day for me, mainly because of the distance and time of travel, but to see them achieving breakthroughs throughout the day, was a fantastic feeling to have.

If you want to put a smile not heir face, head over to the tag youthep and give some of them upvotes. It will totally make their day.

Maverick, signing off for the day. Zzzzzzz

One of the dogs on the premise. I'm gonna be sleeping like her.

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This post is so valulable It needs more attention! Amazing work, to be a Steemit Advocate and to teach the children the wonders of Steemit. It would really open their creative minds to a new realm of understanding that Social Media != (NOT EQUAL) FB/Twitter/Insta alone

Thanks! Yes, I totally believe in kids needing to be released from outdated knowledge of yesterday, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

It's fine for our parents to not know Microsoft Word. But our time? We would suffer in our career. Our kids? They would be totally obsolete!

#youthep, a space to watch out for!!

That was awesome @maverickfoo! We can already imagine how Steem will change these kids' life down the line. And to see them making a post in less than an hour is exciting. I was your proverbial "perfect post maker" who took 4 hours to make a post that gave me $0.96. So i'd say they're doing a good job!

You're using Slack as a communication channel? That's cool!

One of the other channel that Teammalaysia uses is Discord (Whatsapp for Gamers). Most of us are also there.

Ha i so agree with you on the 4 hours post that makes $0.96. I guess the older we get the more we think of the unnecessary. For the kids it’s just like write away - what have i got to lose?

True true to both lovely ladies.

Funny thing is, with the kids, they don't ask a lot of unnecessary questions. Just tell them where the coins are and what to do to get the coins, and puff! They are gone! We adults are still wondering where the coins come from...

You can only feel how the other kids are feeling since even we adults are constantly comparing how many upvotes we get. #thepeerpressureisreal

Well, healthy pressure is good, eh?

Very valuable post! Thank you for updating us on your project @maverickfoo.

what you're doing is so meaningful!

Meaningful and tiring... But worth it. :)

True indeed.

whoa, nice! helping them to take on the Steem Train.

Steem on bro

Thanks man. Had been so busy juggling the Steemit Bootcamp and deadlines, didn't really have time to reply replies too! :(

@maverickfoo Awesome stuff!

This is wonderful. There are so many useful skills involved in posting on steemit. These kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher. Following your adventures! Thank you for being you!

Great work! Continue influencing Malaysian youth for the better

Malaysia Boleh! Politicians _______(fill in the blank)

How inspiring! Way to go! Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks! Appreciate it. Almost half way there, and yet, the journey is truly a meaning one. Something I will probably look back later this year and glad that I did what I did.

One foot ahead of the other. Who knows . . . this may pay benefits beyond this year. In fact, that is likely. Teachers often run into their students decades later only to learn then the influence those teachers truly had. Good luck and keep at it.

Awesome work! I think earning money or not is not the main point here but how to get the younger generation to get involve in this space and realising that anyone regardless of age can be apart of blockchain adoption.

Agree. Money is a good "carrot" to dangle, but once they start moving down the path, it has to be swapped with something better. Like Purpose.

Thanks for the recommendations of this post it really has helped me understand it better ways of explaining steemit community to my colleagues other than my methods. Thanks @maverickfoo 😊

Anytime! Be Bold and Steem On!

Wow, this is Amazing Fantastic Awesome @maverickfoo! Now all of them have their source of income.

Yeap! And they can in turn help the homes they were from. How nice :)

This is awesome! Salute to you and all the kids! Keep it up and all the best! I can't imagine how excited and happy they will be when they go through the cashout process next week! I am excited too!

Oh yeah... Tuesday is gonna be a busy day for me...


Love how the kids seem to have no limitations in their minds.

Great job, man! Very inspiring!

Yeah, no limitations indeed. Focused too! We adults sometimes get too distracted.

@maverickfoo this is a really great work. You really must have sacrificed alot to put this in place.

Thanks for the support. Wouldn't say it's sacrifice. I lot of people helped me to where I am today, and they paid it forward (on me). I think it's only fair if I do the same with the kids too, and hopefully, one day they, too, will pay it forward.

Crap, I'm losing to kids! Time to let go of the baggage and buckle up!

I know right!

Amazing job @maverickfoo . Very inspiring :)

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry for the late reply. Designing the contents on the fly (shhh don't tell them) ain't easy, especially when they pick up concepts faster than my lesson plans!

Don't worry about late replies. It could take me days to go through my comment section. I am sure the kids enjoy your sessions. I am very excited for them. I wish I have this opportunity when I was their age.

great suff man! education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. now they're so privileged and equipped with tool to make a decent living! :)

Yes, totally agree. Education is the key. Teaching a man how to fish, eh?

Or in this case, teaching kids how to fish...

hahaha! men in the making. 😂😂

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Really made me think alot. Thank you

wow, amazing work!

Wahlau, I feel like I am one year late!! Just discovered this platform recently, no idea what I am doing or how things work around here. But then, I stumbled upon this article. Should have found it sooner, could have saved all my time and energy posting my stuff on Instagram that doesn't generate any income. :D

Thanks for sharing @maverickfoo

very nice photography ...
i like your post very well ..
thank for sharing with us ...
& keep the top up ...

Two thumbs up for you,
You're a great manager...✌️😎

WOW. Thanks a lot for your post.

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Bigup to those malaysian kids, here in uganda people ask all the questions because they are so green about crypto and the process becomes slow.

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