Day Two | Steemit Bootcamp for Underprivileged Kids

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Beginners luck is out. Time for real work!

Contents for Day 2:

  • Recap

  • Identifying Your Interest

  • In-Class Activity: List down at least 5 topics of interest

  • The 4-MAT

  • Writing Dos' and Donts'

  • Basic Structure of a Good Article

  • In-Class Activity: Writing A Post

  • Introduction to Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Hello Typershark

  • Hello ResizeImage.Net

Assignment for Day 2:

  • Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. You will be able to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode. The subjects you learn in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — are used every day to create amazing movies at Pixar. This collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy is sponsored by Disney. (Extracted from Khan Academy)

Key Learnings:

  1. Kids were rather "high" on their success of their first Steemit Posts, but they were quick to learn that it was because of the support of #teammalaysia. They now learn that they need to start connecting and building followers.

  2. An easy recommendation I gave them was to search for Tags and Categories they have interest in, follow the Steemians there and leave a nice comment.

  3. They are also encouraged to make new friends from the #Introduceyourself tag.

  4. The students are guided through a series of questions designed to identify their interest. Since they just finished school, I did a round-robin around the room for each of them to share their favourite subject in school.

  5. The students were then given 15 minutes to list down at least 5 topics that interest them, based on the questions above. I went around the room to help them identify the topic to write for the day, guiding them with a process called "Chunking". This process will be explained further on Day 3.

    By the end of the round, each of them was clear what they should be writing about for the day.

  6. Then, I share with them for their articles and posts to be interesting, they must cover the the magical 4MAT - Why, What, How and Call to Action. In summary, the four areas are:

    • Why - What is your purpose of writing the article?
    • What - What are you going to talk in detail?
    • How - How can the readers practice what you wrote about? How can they achieve the purpose you mentioned? What's the process involved?
    • Call-To-Action - What can the readers do after reading your post?

  7. I gave them a simple structure to follow based on the 4MAT, and they are told to elaborate on their points.

  8. I also took some time to give them a couple of tips on writing, such as:

    • Do not write in ALL CAPS, unless you're writing an angry letter to a nasty politician
    • It is totally okay to have one sentence in a paragraph. This is also to reduce long paragraphs and a "block" of text.
    • To achieve a "conversational" tone, and to produce a post that "talks" to the readers, I suggested they try to write like how they talk, to make is read as natural as they speak.
  9. Knowing they will be spending a lot of their time on the keyboard (until the world is more open to voice recognition and dictation), I urged them to learn and memorise common keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+A, CTRL+C etc.

  10. On that note, some of them weren't happy with their slow typing speed, which was why I recommended them to play Typershark. Knowing the kids enough games, I feel that this was a great suggestion.

  11. Thanks for contribution of our little artist in the class, @kellychua, we were introduced to It's a free web app to resize, crop and edit photos, without having to install any software.

  12. Interestingly, Kelly asked me yesterday "how to resize images". Because I was with another kid, I told the class, and Kelly, that there is this powerful answering machine called Google, and since they, I noticed they stopped asking me simple questions. They would ask questions only after Googling. Fast learners!

Because I had a business meeting to attend, I only had half a day of session with them today. One of the facilitators helped guided them during the second half of the day, to encourage them to write and connect with more Steemians. Thanks Lucy!

Again, if you want to support the kids, do give them some feedback on their writing, and of course, upvotes would totally make their day. You can check out their works here.

Check out the previous post(s) in this Steemit Bootcamp for Underprivileged Kids Series:

  • Day Zero | The lead-up and Preparation
  • Day One | Introduction to Steemit, the kids' first #Introduceyourself post, and no way a combined SBD133 of upvotes on the very first day!?!!?

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Awesome! This is just what the Malaysian Steemit Community needs. You guys are really doing a great job in educating the youth about Steemit. Keep up the good work

I completely agree! Nice comment.

Thanks for the support! @bitrocker2020 and the team are working hard to find ways to get more Steemians on board, and starting with those who need it the most is the best approach (I think).

Agreed! Those who need it the most and with the open heart and open mind to accept and learn!

Not to say the kids, even me myself learnt about pixar in a box, 4-mat and typer shark from your post! Haha awesome work there! Looking forward to read more about this.

Glad you like it, @jiafui. Just did a recap for Day 3, and if you like frameworks and apps, I covered a few today. Check it out here when you have the time. :)

Oh hey sure, thanks!

Fantastic work

More to come, bro! Looking for new contents to teach the kids every day.

Useful it and great work man .
Thanks for sharing


Thank you thank you!

I completely agree! Great comment!

Glad that you even recommended them a typing game to practice their typing skills. Brilliant!! @maverickfoo

Haha, yeah. I grew up playing that, and when I heard Noah Kagan of Sumo/Appsumo mentioned it, I instantly knew playing it was a smart move! #justification

these are good tips. I'm going to bookmark this series as well. thanks man. keep up the good work! :)

Thanks @calebleejl. Just finished the post for Day 3. Possibly the longest post I've done, and I even summarised some of the stuff I covered. Probably will expand on some of the points/slides after the 9 days bootcamp, so everyone can benefit from it too.

Here's the link to today's post. Thanks for the support!

9 days boot camp?! wow! they are so lucky man. do point me to the direction of the good stuff that you've shared :)

Once these kids are high on Steem, no more underprivilege for them.

Totally agree. They will have the ability the earn income on their own, and don't have to rely on others. Who knows, they can even support others one day!

Steemit can be the life-changer for those kids. Great job bro.

Quite glad that I get to live through their changes every day during the program. I'm (humbly) reminded on our potential to learn, grow and impact. The ripple effect is simply amazing.

You are more blessed that to be the one giving instead of receiving. Keep it going.

awesome stuff buddy. great pilot program which can make a huge impact on these kids life

Already found someone that can help take this to the next level. Tell you more on Friday.

@ariel.dominique, say hello to Uncle Simon aka bitrocker2020.

Great comment! Thanks

This is really a great and meaningful initiative to help those who are underprivileged. Nice work.
Are they all less than 18 years old?

Thanks @jiashin.

It's a mix of 17 to 21, but mostly are around 18. SPM leavers. :)

Wow, these are killer tips for not just the kids but for everyone.

Thanks man. Basically I am just teaching them stuff I personally have learned (hard and slowly), taught by the many coaches before me. I think adults know those tips, but sometimes we're just forgetful. :)

Very useful information and great work!
Thanks for sharing !

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Hope it can help you with your Steemit journey.

It will help me tremendously :D
Thanks a lot :)

I haven't been playing the Typershark game for a long time. Keep up all the good work! All the best to all the kids!

Thanks! They know that #teammalaysia are looking out for them, helping them with their works too.

Team Malaysia is the best! Thanks to @bitrocker2020 and you and many many others... Let's do it!!! See you on Saturday! Finally gonna "see" the REAL you... LOL...

Alas, I can't be there. Got a training session with a client. No worries, will have the chance.

Aiyah... Ok lah... There will be many many meetup, gathering, makan-makan sessions in the future...

Great comment. Thank You for the interaction.

Amazing work you are doing! Sharing knowledge is the ultimate joy!

Enjoy the vote and reward!

That is so true, @evileddy. It's a joy no money can buy.

God Bless the children and the people involved in this and similar kind of activities. It makes me misty-eyed seeing this post, and the effort.

This is so unlike all the loud mouths who proclaim "Fighting for the people", but are just promoting selfish and narrow-minded politics. That kind of activity doesn't result in anything that can help bring about tangible positive results for individuals to better their lives. But the effort here just might.

Please keep up this magnificent effort and goal.

Thanks @cendana287. Taking your advice, I am sowing seeds in the kids and hopefully one day, others will reap what I sow. Paying it forward. :)

Steem On, brother!

buiding a foundation is a MUST. FIRST OFF. I an not as persistent as I can be, because of 9 to 5 wage slavery. But through consistency and being involved in other's posts and commenting, I have gained almost 400 followers just posting random articles and pictures. As I become more involved I shall witness the power of the STEEMIT Platform. Keep on instructing friend.

400+ followers? Wow! That's great work there! I always believe like any social media, you need to have followers to succeed.

And like that, you just gain a follower in me. :)

Thank you very much friend.

".....that there is this powerful answering machine called Google...."

Hmm...if only adults learn as fast as kids!

Anyway, bravo @maverickfoo for the initiative

Adults ask too many questions to Google and don't do anything with the answers, haha.

Very true... So the thing is just do it... Take action is very important

Fantastic work for real.
Hope I can copy and share?
Don't worry I will reference this link .
This is just what a beginner like me and many others need over here in Nigeria.
Thanks for sharing

I have just followed you on Steemit, please return the favor and follow me as well so we can earn Steem together. I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

Am following you now

Thank You very much!

Thank You very much! I look foward to your posts!

Yeah, you can @magdnrobinson. Please do. :)

Would surely do.

great work allot of new comers to steemit would gain allot by reading this!

Thanks. Just helping to breakdown the process so everyone can write better, easier and faster.

This is some big impact you are making here. Thanks and well done.

Thanks, @funmiakinpelu. Have a nice weekend!

Great work man. You're on fire! 🔥

Yeah, on fire indeed. Not getting enough rest, but it's worth it. I learned a lot myself too during the process.

Awesome! This is just what the Malaysian Steemit Community needs. You guys are really doing a great job in educating the youth about Steemit. Keep up the good work....moshiur

Hola bienvenido a esta maravillosa comunidad espero sea de mucho éxitos para ti y puedas aprender cosas nuevas te saluda tu amigo @juan24

I wish you the best on Steemit and look forward to future interaction.

Ya te seguiré amigo, saludos y un gusto poder compartir.

Thank You very much!

Tranquilo amigo, saludos te invito a pasar por mi perfil @juan24

Thank You very much. Have a great day!

Si hermano saludos y tw invito a seguirme y compartir

What a fantastic way to help others with steemit. Thanks

Thanks for empowering those kids bro and bring out the best in them

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
The @resteembot's introduction post
Get more from @resteembot with the #resteembotsentme initiative
Check out the great posts I already resteemed.

I will check this out. Thanks

good job boys, buen trabajo esos niños se lo merecen

This is an amazing project that deserves so much more support and recognition. Keep up the fantastic work, introducing Steem to them at such a young age. When Steem and cryptocurrency change the world they will be a step ahead of most. Steem will help them a lot since they are from Malaysia too many people from the West do not understand how much a single dollar can do for them.

gread work. . .

Great work @maverickfoo. Targeting the kids will surely improve upon the diversity of content available to us all on steemit, talking about the simplicity and purity of kids we should be getting major solutions to global issues from them.

These ones will be big whales in here pretty soon :)

Great initiative, keep it up.

Thanks for the tips. You have really being helping with it. 😊@maverickfoo

Wonderful ! But when I think that the parents of those kids are happy to jail or murder anyone with a plants they deem illegal I don't see why I should care... good for you btw.

Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences. It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.

The giving of love is an education in itself.

What a great initiatives for the underprivileged kids ! Even i learn something new from ur post. The kids must be awe to learn all these stuff

You got a 12.04% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @maverickfoo!

This post has received a 3.68 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @maverickfoo

Thank you for updating the Steem community on your wonderful project of teaching underprivileged children to use Steem to change their lives. Cheers!

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