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RE: Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".

in #steemit4 years ago

We had a life before Steemit and we have a life without it.

So many people have focused on the financial rewards and they get dejected if they don't get votes but let it be because before Steemit you were okay.

In Steemit you discover your talents that lay dormant through the years of compromising in the world that does not appreciate your talents. Here you discover new talents as you strive to become a more awesome version of you.

It's not just the monetary rewards that matter but the communities you build and teh deep meaningful relationships you develop.

Keep on steeming. If no one upVotes you today there is still tomorrow.


Hahaha yes. Hoping you saw the last one by @enjieneer

Of course I have always been a fan of her since I joined Steemit 3 months.

Having the belief that we are all whales and that we are all important as holders of stake.

indeed she is I am am a fan of you sir @maverickinvictus you are always a whale even outside of steemit!

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