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RE: Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.

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Oh wow first it was @ankarlie, then we had @allerie00 now its @itsjessamae 's turn to be featured.

We at Ohana @steemitfamilyph is very proud for you to deliver the words and wisdom of @steemsecrets

This is why we cannot look down on people that are just starting because we never know if they are a whale in incognito.

Everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to positively influence and mentor people so that they grow up doing the right things in Steemit.

Those three scenarios are so very real and thus important for us to create deep meaning connections and help raise the level of Steemit.

Be kind to people not because their upvote, SP or reputation is high but because they are human and it is right to respect them.

Cherish people and see them flourish in this platform. We are all whales inside and out regardless of our wallets or SP right now.


I know you're proud dad! hehehe. Thank you so much for everything. You're an example. I know that you have a big wallet size there but you respected and treated us equally. Thank you so much!

Because everyone of you is awesome! We all need someone who will cared enough to mentor and guide us at our most vulnerable time of 1 month.

I would give you the respect that I never received when I first started, the guidance that I never had and the support to help you grow.

I'm now weeping :( I don't have words! thank you!

Everyone has to start somewhere...

I agree with your words sir! :)
I firmly believe that we can all achieve greater heights if we continue to grow and learn from all the people who have remained in the platform for years. Others may have higher SP or reputation but we all have equal rights as we are still humans behind being a steemian :)

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