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RE: Steem Secrets #5 (Delivered By @allerie00): Much Of The INTEL That You Will Need, To Attain "Steemit" Success, Lies In "History".

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Ooohh @allerie00 Ohana @steemitfamilyph is so proud that both you and Ankarlie has been featured.

Indeed both of you are whales.

A lot of the people I am building communities does recall those times when Steemit was hard and it looked like it might not work.

People were still struggling to find the way and there was not a lot of help yet because it was new and people have not really grasped what Steemit could do.

People left, people powered down and yet some people stayed because they believe in the platform.

From that belief came innovation and the likes of dtube, Zappl, utopian, dmania, chainBB and teh rest were born. It was a new frontier for the Steem blockchain but people made their journey.

Then the groups and communities formed as teh saw that is what makes Steemit special. It is when we extend a helping hand to others and share our strength then we help other people and ourselves.

Steem is a gifteconomy and once people realized that then talents were unboxed, stories told, tears of sadness and joys were means to create deep meaningful relationships with people..

Steem was humanized and became what it is today. The history is good to know but we will keep Steeming on and sharing ourselves and be the difference.


Thank you Kuya @Maverickinvictus and Ohana @steemitfamilyph we should not give up steemit coz we will take it to the moon! :)

Steem was humanized and became what it is today.

I like that word "Humanized". Because steemit has become a platform with a human face and this just what I needed, a platform that cares, a platform that feels and a platform where you are like home. I tell you it's a wonderful feeling, this humanized platform and I owe @surpassinggoogle so much for making it so.

Indeed for a lot of individuals and advocacies Steemit has become home and a way to help other people.

This humanization of the blockchain will propel Steem further.

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