I'm Giving Up!

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I decided I'm going to quit steemit.

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Last Monday night, I sent a message to my friend @zoeroces, she's the one who introduced steemit to me. I told her...

Sis, I don't want to steem anymore...

I also sent a message to sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, I consider him as my steemit mentor and my idol. I told him...

Hi sir Terry, I'm thinking about quitting steemit now. I think I'm not really meant for it. But I still want to thank you and I just want to say, nice to meet you sir.

He replied,

Why isn't it meant for you?

Earlier that night, I just joined a live singing contest on discord. It was a singing contest held by the group @steemitachievers. I tried my very best to sing even though I have a cough and colds. I practiced my piece all day. But unfortunately, I lost. Some say I have a good voice, but if that so, why didn't I win? maybe the compliment is just to thank me for joining. Maybe I'm not really a good singer. I felt disgusted with myself. I'm nothing but a trying hard person. Then I think of other contests that I joined on steemit. So, I excitedly log in to my account and check for the results of other contests that I joined. Hoping that I won in any of them but sadly, I lost in all of them. I started to cry. Have you ever felt the same way? Have you ever joined a contest or contests, tried your best, hoped that you'll win but you did not? I told myself, I'm a loser. Forever loser.

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I replied to Sir Terry while I'm sobbing...

Because I'm not good at it. I joined contests and did my best but always ended up losing... I spent a lot of time making long blog posts but only a few like it... I see many have seen or read it but only a few upvoted for it... It just means they don't like it.. it's nonsense.. it's a trash...

Aside from the singing contest, I also joined poetry, movie guessing contest, commenting contest, art contest, etc. As a beginner in this platform, a minnow or a red fish, I'm still picking up some pieces. I started by learning the markdown basics, where to get pictures with CC0 License, learn how to draw, searched on how to create a post with valuable content, etc. Did you know how much time I have spent in each post? You have no idea. I'm not a professional artist. When I joined that art contest, I can't count how many papers I have crumpled and thrown in the trash bin. I even yelled at one of my kids when one of them tried to write something on my finished artwork. For others, maybe it will only take you a couple of minutes or an hour to create a poem but me? No, I can't. It requires a lot of thinking for me. Which words to use and which not. Which words perfectly suits that feeling that I want to express, that's really hard for me. When I joined that @jerrybanfield's swc contest, I took me overnight to think what story to share. And a couple of hours to search for the right images, resize the images, another couple of hours writing or typing my story, double-check the grammar, edit the formatting and alignment... etc. Then, when I posted it, only a few like it. I got only a few comments. The upvotes didn't even reach .20 sbd. I also joined the brokenhearted contest, told my story about my ex-husband which I never want to share with anyone before. It was hard for me to remember those days but I still wrote about it because I want to join the contest. But guess what? I only got .12 upvotes for that post. What does it mean? For me, it only means people here on steemit don't like me. It means my post is nonsense. It is just a piece of s**t. So, I asked myself, did I just wasted my time?? I think I did.

Sir Terry replied,

no nonsense or trash involved

He sent more messages that I just ignored that time. Because I'm sad, I felt hurt, nothing or no words could lift me up. I just want him to understand how I feel... I told him,

I felt like I'm in the middle of the crowd, with so many people. I wanted to be recognized. But it is really hard to get noticed or to be heard. Because it seems like other people standing in front of me are much bigger, taller, more noticeable than me who has a louder voice than me. I'm losing hope... Even though I did my best, there is always someone better than me... that makes me feel ashamed of myself.

He said,

You don't have to be noticed...
Keep writing...

Again, I disregard his messages and just thanked him. I told him I would think about it. Then, I fall asleep with tears in my eyes.

The next morning, I have decided to just accumulate all the remaining sbd's I got and then I would never visit my account again. I have hidden all the group chats and unfollowed all the groups that I joined related to steemit. I was about to quit steemit. But then, I read Sir Terry's messages again. It is heart-melting.

I understand.
you are no loser. you need to leave the box.
it is about you not only your content
people need to know you...
Visit @steemitsecrets, digest all the posts.
I will inspire you as much as possible.
It has never been about impressing or gain the approval of others
it has been about gaining your own approval.

Days passed, I told myself I will never visit my steemit profile again but every day, I find myself doing the opposite. Like it was part of my system or my daily routine. I always find myself typing steemit.com in the URL box. I also can't stop myself from checking @ginabot's dm on discord. I have seen @steemitsecrets before, but honestly, I just scanned it. But since sir Terry suggested not just to read it but also digest it, so I did. To my surprise, the posts seem like it was for me. It moved me. I hit me like bull's eye!

I realized I was wrong.

"We will celebrate each minnow as whales and whales as whales, for "you are whale to me!" @sunnylife on Steemitsecrets#1

I am wrong when I think that others are much bigger than me because this statement for me means, we are all congruent. I should've not strived to be the very best among the rest, for each every human is at its best in their own different ways. I should've not competed with others, or compare my works to others. I should compete with my own doubts and win by my creating something that I never think I am capable of doing.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose learn" - John C. Maxwell
"Learning is the ultimate earning..." @enjieneer on Steemitsecrets#3

Therefore, there's no such thing as losers right? Sir surpassinggoogle is right. Win or lose, you'll get something. And sometimes, you earn much more in losing than in winning because we learn from our mistakes, we became stronger whenever we stand up from failing.

"true influence" can be attained by virtue of "YOU". - @itsjessamae on steemitsecrets#6
"To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First." - @sissyjill on Steemitsecrets#11
"It has never been about impressing or gain the approval of others, it has been about gaining your own approval." - @Surpassinggoogle

I realized, why am I struggling to get noticed? while all I have to do is to impress myself. And from that, others will follow. If the way I look at my work is a trash, then how could others appreciate it?

you will need to "stubbornly" be "the awesomest version of YOU" and the "awesomest version of YOU" is "a gift to humanity"; Thus, on the path to beginning to "impress yourself", you will have to be "too lazy to quit". - @sissyjill on Steemitsecrets#11

How can I do that if I'm going to quit now?

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"Your fruitfulness is the result of your personal growth" - Sir @joeysison

Plants need to grow in order to have fruits, I should too. How can I get a fruitful result if I will stop here and remain the same? I should continue to improve myself.

"it is about YOU not only your content" - @surpassinggoogle

My posts' upvotes don't define me. It is all about me.

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches." - Dita Von Teese


Just bring out the best in you. It doesn't matter if there are some people who won't like you for being you. You can't please everybody and you were not born to do so. Just let them go.

As a newbie, what I just did here is to create a post, promote them, ask for upvotes, upvote other's post hoping they will do the same then wait and watch how many upvotes I could get...and then felt dissatisfied, discouraged from getting few upvotes. I realized this isn't how steemit was supposed to be.

"In steemit, engagement is important." - Sir @wagun001
"I want you to go to other posts, from any nation, read and interact" - @surpassinggoogle

Steemit is a social media platform. So, we should socialize, communicate with others, get involved, interact, make friends and have fun.

"People need to know you..." - sir @surpassinggoogle

We need to get to know each other. I should've not just waited for others to upvote my post. I should read other's post too. Make a comment to their post and get to know them. There are many people on steemit. I should not just limit myself to my friends' posts.

"Go out of the box" - @surpassinggoogle

Steemit is a huge community. I thought I have explored everything about it but I just found myself exploring only a corner of it. And I just limit myself in that corner. Sir Terry always reminds us to go out of the box. To go out of our comfort zones, don't just stay where we used to be, to explore and not be shy.

I learned that, the proper way to "steem it" is; read interesting posts from different nations, put a valuable comment on each of them, resteem and upvote the most interesting ones. Follow them and build friendships. Create a post by bringing out the awesomest version of me, impress myself and love what I'm doing.

"You just have to write from your heart," - @mermaidvampire

I was wrong when I count how much time I have spent on creating a post. I should've not taken steemit as a job. I should make steemit as a hobby.

What's your favorite hobby? Me, my favorite one is playing with my kids. I didn't earn anything for the time I spent, but still, I love playing with them and I never consider my time was wasted. I don't count the hours I spent with them, I just let the time passed by enjoying myself and never regret what I've done.

That's how steemit should be. Love what you're doing, not expecting to earn anything, just have fun and you will not notice that time passed by. Share things, knowledge, wisdom, stories... write from your heart. And then the rewards will become just a bonus.

Yes, I'm giving up...!
... I'm giving up all my negativities in life... I'm giving up all my worries and fears. I will be the awesomest version of me as a gift to humanity.

I want to thank sir @surpassinggoogle for always being there with a helping hand. He is indeed an amazing man. God bless this person and every other helpful whales and steemians, helping each other to bring steemit to the moon.

I want to encourage my fellow red fishes or minnows to not just read @steemitsecrets but also digest it, it is a good motivation for us to understand steemit and how to be a part of it.

Please also support @surpassinggoogle as a witness by voting him at https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.

Special thanks for all the motivational quotes from my friends and fellow steemians mentioned above with their usernames.


Hello how are you

I loved reading your publication,
I see a woman
fighter and passionate
In this walk through life
we are going to find many stones that make the road a bit difficult
but life without difficulties also loses some brightness
the key is to learn to walk and
dodge stones that hinder
many of these stones that get in the way
they are only in our mind
Keep that passion and enjoy this walk.

ohh, so sweet...
I appreciate the comment ma'am,
thank you for the motivation..
and thanks for your time reading...

i feel really glad to see your comment and you are supporting users too 😊😊

lots of love for both of you @samic and @surpassinggoogle 😍😍

life means life with full of uncertainties. We have to live for survival, keep the way of who you are as an advantage to bring you the life to the fullest. Life is good , just a matter of living and being wise somehow.

@maylyn09 I read every line to the end. Its not just about not racking up enough SBD that makes everything suck. You look at the time you have used up and you feel really not made for this.

But trust me, every big shots here started just like you.

Happy you found your fire back!

I trust you... 😉
thank you for your time reading! I appreciate all your words... and the comments here just lit up the fire in me.... it encourages me to keep steeming...

I think your expectations are to high...this is a platform to grow in...the rewards come to those who post and comment on a daily basis. Follow and comment on great peoples posts and you'll start seeing the rewards you desire! =) Following you!!

you know i felt the same way, sissy. and when u said you wanted to quit that time, i got sad because it seemed like i never did my best to help you. I even told @ishanvirtue and sir @wally001 about it. Im so sorry that you felt that way. Just remember that steemit is not about competing with others. stay here with us. I love you :*

Thanks sissy! Love you too! 😘

@maylyn09 I hope my past posts helps you. As I always say, we've been through harder before when we had posts which earned nothing. Even @zoeroces almost gave up before. But look at her now, she has improved a lot!

With regards to contests, I am never expecting in such. I consider contests as anti-writer's block. I won a few times but most of the contests I joined, I didn't win

Keep steeming dear.

thank you sir! I will surely read your posts. Thank you for the motivation.

You know how much I care for you. The very first time we talked and u helped me with something, i already loved u as my friend and as a sister. You have a huge heart too like @surpassinggoogle. People like you supposed to be keep in everyones heart. I love u sissy. 😙

love you too sissy, thank you for bringing me here... 😉😚

Throughly.....beginning on steemit looks quite challenging especially when one is not properly guided.
I also felt same way when i first joined...but now i am enjoying the platform, thanks to friends fort heir advise.

Like @surpassinggoogle said "everyone has something to offer" i am proud to have friends here.....love you all

yes, absolutely right! thank you for your comments...

I'm glad you didn't quit. Just keep on keeping on and you'll do great here.

If you want to start counting hours, you're gonna feel discouraged, but as you said if you consider it as a hobby, get to know people and have fun, then you're good to go. I feel your pain then, and I think many people are experiencing what you experienced then, so they should see this message. It's going to be like an inspiration to them. Resteemed .

thank you! appreciated...

thats soo heart warming to see people loving each other here and saying kind words 😍😍 i must say steemit is one more peaceful world 😍😍

yes, it is 😍
thank you for dropping by...

Agree...we all need some realistic expectations on here...most people earning the large rewards have been on here for a year now or have had large followings before this!

Just follow the natural order here in steemit, love the people, the community and everything about the platform! We not be as big as the others but we are somebody in our own ways! Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for he truly recognizes the whale in us all!

Yes, thanks to him! And thanks to all of you guys...

@surpassinggoogle Thank you surpassingoogle was here :))) thank you for content @maylyn09

Sir Terry is by far the most generous person plus an inspiration for us all!

maybe quit the expectations of who you thought you was and emerge like a butterfly on the other side. change is always hard. even thou it's not much i upvoted this by 100% -- much love.

Yes! I am also giving up the expectations! People get upset because of expectations not met. Thanks for the wonderful words. I appreciate the comment than the upvote. Thank you for the love.

Rightly said. If you don't appreciate yourself, no one will. It all starts from you. Inspiring story. If one focuses on benefits, the best is never given.

It gets discouraging sometimes when you put a lot of work into a post and people read and leave without even commenting. But when the focus is not on making money but on socializing, it'll be slow progress but I believe you'll eventually be noticed for your individuality and uniqueness.

Thanks for sharing @maylyn09

thank you @skodie for your time reading my post...
my fellow steemians like you inspires me to continue my journey here on steemit. I appreciate Your time, your words and comment ...

Hi. I know what you feel. And i know that putting much effort on your content with less appreciation hurts. I even had been told that my posts weren’t that good enough despite of being gotten curie’s upvote twice. In this world where each person has something to voice out, you should not let yourself left behind by the negativity. I assure you, being discourage is a normal feeling but how you are able to cope up and stand with it matters. Thanks those who believe in you. I always believe that hardwork paids off in the end. It may not be now, but it will. It will come to you. Just never give up. I know you can do it. Steem on! 💕

ohh, sweet... You touched my heart... thank you for understanding how I feel... and these words you just mentioned here,... I will surely bear these in mind... thank you for giving me hope :) 😍

hope to get to know you more...

I'm glad that this made you feel more hope. I followed you and will be looking forward to reading more of your posts. Let's inspire and support each other. :*

don't give up sis. that's where thw challenhe is , the more you feel down , the more you have to bw strong , whatever you feel just write ir down , just feel free , just inspire , i know it's hard when you're blogs are unseen , it hurts, right? nut who would actually cheer you up? would a steemian go beside you and tap you on your shoulder to awaken you? nah, it would start in yourself , just always remember what they say, if you feel like you're at the bottom? the only way is up!! steem on sis! gorabels lang 👍❤️❤️❤️

thank you sis !! 😍😚 very touching...
it's nice to know that there's someone understands how I feel, thank you for the advice and the motivation.... I will surely keep on steeming!!

Thank you surpassingoogle was here :)))

You have a good point and i believe that steemsecrets gives impact to this steemit community now a days..Its been a pleasure and advantage for those who read it all.

thanks, I'm so thankful to @steemitsecrets , the lessons were really helpful..
thanks for reading my post!

One of the best posts on steemit.

I feel amazing to read this. It's been a while since I read posts here because of my job. I'm glad you found the need to steem on. Giving is more honourable than getting.

Right! 😊
I'm glad you spent some time to read my post... Thank you very much! I appreciate the comment.. ❤

Man my Man you made me cry on this omg what an excellent hardwork ... all of your hardwork is seen in this post and thats soo beautiful ..

Because I'm not good at it. I joined contests and did my best but always ended up losing... I spent a lot of time making long blog posts but only a few like it... I see many have seen or read it but only a few upvoted for it... It just means they don't like it.. it's nonsense.. it's a trash...

i agree with these lines every new and sometimes old people still having the same problem sometimes we actually dont get up what we really deserve that doesnt mean that we will never get that but we need to be patient and try again and again until we achieve that particular task .. its necessary to wait for the right time and your time has arrived now its your days ...

I learned that, the proper way to "steem it" is; read interesting posts from different nations, put a valuable comment on each of them, resteem and upvote the most interesting ones. Follow them and build friendships. Create a post by bringing out the awesomest version of me, impress myself and love what I'm doing.

Yup thats very wonderful thing on steemit we get to know about beauties of the whole world here on steemit there are millions of people from all over the globe working on it 😍😍 yet we get to know religion traditions hardworls.of other people which is quite intresting and amazing ... and ofcourse knowledgeable ..

I want to thank sir @surpassinggoogle for always being there with a helping hand. He is indeed an amazing man. God bless this person and every other helpful whales and steemians, helping each other to bring steemit to the moon.

yes i agreed 100% its really lovely to see surpassing and many many lovely seniors inspiring and giving motivations and helping all members here on steemit due to all of these seniors we are still here ... believe me because of @surpassinggoogle 100000 people joined steemit and joining still .. regularly all credit goes to surpassinggoogle hattss offf

with so much love heres yours hassanabid .... your neighbour steemitian ...
#steemitpakistan #philippines #pakistan ...

ohhh i have wriiten too much 😂😂 i didnt knew i could be doing this in love with terry 😊

no, don't mind about the long post, I actually appreciate it more....
I really want to thank you dear, for understanding each line and agreeing on them...
thank you for your words,..
yes, hats-off to sir @surpassinggoogle !

I came to inspire you cos you just inspired me and with my very tiny energy i would say "be too lazy to quit". Your boy Terry

Your words to her has become an inspiration to me. I think steemit and the world as a whole would be a great place is there's more people like you.

I agree! 😍

be too lazy to quite excellent motivational line .. 😍

this is amazing.

on behalf of the steemitdavao group we are truly inspired by your story
my group is so amazed by your story.

Keep it up.

on my experience on this journey,
I felt the same just like you felt before, but then
sir terry always inspired us all, we always think positive and keep steeming and posting our articles every day, all steemians are start from the scratch. even sir terry felt it before when he starts on the steemit world journey.

but then he doesn't lose hope.
he keeps reinvest himself to steemit.
in the long run. his account becomes a whale.

thanks for sharing.


upvoted and followed

Now you get the point! You don't need to compete to the others. What you need to do is to show what you've got. Tell some story about your life like you did now. I like what you said. I am just like you before, but here I am now.

It's funny, but really just like you, I run to Terry to tell what I've feel that may be he have another suggestion to ease the pain for my problem? And what is that? That is between me and him... LOL, boys talk...

And if you need someone to lean-on, I'm also here for you like the others do. You can reach me at Discord or Facebook. And ask me anything, maybe I can help also... You are not alone...

i think you put very eloquently into words a feeling we all feel sometimes - going unnoticed or unloved or feeling like what we're making isn't good enough. but it is - look at how much you've grown in terms of your writing and content - look at all the new skills you've learned ! becoming a better artist and learning how to draw, becoming a better writer, and growing as a person. that is how we should measure it. I've been frustrated a bit on steemit too - posting lengthy heart pouring posts and songs I've written about my personal life and sometimes they hit and sometimes they don't. and thats okay, because maybe without steemit i would'nt have written that song or poem or did that sketch - and look at the beauty it created and inspired me to do. lets lift each other up when we feel we're going unnoticed because surely that is the most important thing we can do on this platform - lift each other up. <3

Everything here is amazing.

Absolutely right. ❤

right! 😍 thank you ! ♥♥

Agree. We just have to look at the good things and what makes this community amazing.

yuph... keep the positivity... thanks for leaving a comment!

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.
Great story and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.
I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.
Thank you for this article.keep it up dear.

thank you dear... 😍

When i joined steemit i was more concerned about having people comment on my posts and tell me how they felt about them so i could make necessary adjustments... I would message whales, interact with people in their comment sections and on the discord channels and then invite them to visit my blog... I didn't get the responses i expected and i felt like i would keep wasting time on creating posts until i could get people to notice what i was doing..

After a while, i stopped messaging whales and rather commented on their posts, i wouldn't even invite them to my blog anymore, i would just focus on the article and comment about them, without any expectations. I decided to make it a habit and sink in it.

Soon, i realized i wasn't interested in people taking notice of me anymore. But how would i make it on steemit if they don't? At this time, i was following up on @steemsecrets posts and then @sissyjill came. Her words hit hard.

So all these while, i've been writing with so much soul, but i never thought to digest my own brain's work and have it first do it's magic on me? So i started reading all my articles, even the outdated ones. And i thought to myself, "i only need to impress me and genuinely reach out to atleast one person, others will join the train later".

That was my breakthrough! I interact with everyone i can on steemit, but on their own, they visit my blog and tell me what awesomeness they see there, some whales even resteem my posts. I still don't get much upvotes, but i don't have that problem anymore. I see the whale in me and everyone else, so if we stay together, we can all see each other at the top in due time.

It's beautiful that you shared this @maylyn09, it's an inspiration to many.

I'm so sorry i came blogging on your blog....

no, no, you don't need to apologize for blogging on my blog...
in fact, I greatly appreciate it!
it's nice to know you understand how I feel..
this comment and you also inspires me...
thank you!! 😊

leaving is not a solution and win,lose is just part of game, let it go. Always remember good vibes and good people around you as you mentioned @surpassinggoogle

I just announced my Steemit Success Initiative, and I would really like to join forces with steemit in the future. I am meeting with some Steemians from Dublin to bring the project together and grow it. I would really appreciate your feedback/support on it.

I will surely support it!!
thank you for the initiative... let's keep the steemians solid...
just followed you to keep updated

I also quit steemit.I just announced my Steemit Success Initiative, and I would really like to join forces with promo-steem in the future. I am meeting with some Steemians from Dublin to bring the project together and grow it. I would really appreciate your feedback/support on it.

it's so amazing.... great work...👍

thank you... 💗

I hope you are ok now. Yes. It is easy to discouraged, especually if you worked hard and no barely no one votes it. Try not to be discouraged sister, challenge your self. Don't do it for steemit or for other, instead, do it for yourself. I know it's hard not to look the money, but try not to. Always do everything with your heart, and you won't feel it's a work. Be positive. Learn a new skill.

yes, I will... thank you po... 💗

Your post help me a lot.. I am a newbie here your blog Inspiring me. Thank you....

my pleasure... 💓 you're welcome...
thank you also for your time reading...

Do you feel this same frustration with other social media? People spend hours on Instagram yet they get nothing at all!!! If you feel that you want to quit all social media, I feel you girl, but be honest with yourself about ALL of it.

thanks for reminding me about that...
it makes me stop for a while and come to think of it...
you're right!!

as a newbie i knew how you feel but instead of focusing the BiG WHY i got low votes i focus my self to on steeming coz i always believe that we have our own shining moment in every endeavor we are doing.. dont give up sis they are lots of fish the steemit world gradually they will notice you. just be consistent and never give up the power of will in you..its ok to cry but dont let self pities take you out.. GOD BLESS YOUR HEART SIS..😊

aww... sweet as honey... thank you so much... I'm learning a lot from all the comments...

Don't let self pities take you out...

I marked those words and will always bear them in mind...

God bless you too...

Right decision maam, just keep on steeming. Sometimes I just felt like quitting too, but on the other side of my mind there's a voice talking that I shouldn't stop steeming. Just continue posting your stories and don't give up! 😊😊

@lunamystica , your username reminds me of a hero in our country named Juan Luna who has multiple personality.

Thank you... yes, I won't give up! ✊

Everything might seems to be slower, but quitting will never going to speed up the process. Just keep on fighting and steeming, and it will going to pay off. :) :)

Thanks sir!! I also consider you as my mentor here on steemit... Thank you for all the lessons.

Thank you! You wrote it just from my heart, I have the same thoughts of myself, same issues with give up, not at steem only, I create art, and it is hard these times when internet is fully ran up to make a place in there, even get audience... But your article helped me so much as I have no such a supportive people around me as they do not understands how things are online. Your quotes of conversations was that right thing I would love to hear sometimes from around me. But maybe is my mistake that I unlikely speak out what bothers me... Thank you again, greetings!:)

:) we are so thankful to have u be part of the steemit family.. it's a journey, not a goal, so never give up.. see, all the we learn from each other.. espicially those as wise as yoda and/or surpassinggoogle. :P

hehe... yuph... 😊

thanks for leaving a comment...

at kung ikaw ay nakatawa, ako pa ba ay nakikita.... 🎶 hehe...

Ding Dong, M'Lady!

You are correct.

I came in on that huge wave of new users in June. I've noticed a good portion are radio silence now.

There is no community like Steemit- that is an unwavering fact. This ever more disconnected world needs the community of Steemit.

DO NOT QUIT! At least permanently :) This platform will only grow, it's already picked up SO much more momentum in the last couple months- just look at all the new projects that have birthed!

yes!! I agree...
I won't quit... permanently.. 😊😉

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Hang in there and keep fighting!! One day when your a whale and a new member tells you the same story you’ll giggle and say I’ve been there. :)

whoa!! I like it... 😍
I love the positive outlook... 😍 thanks!! this excites me... 😊 hope I'll be

Wow, nice and touching, infact as a minnow on steemit, if u re not careful, you will want to quit easily, it can be frustrating pouring your heart out on a post and get nothing in return for it. It is not as if it is not good enough but people are not just ready to sight you as a minnow .
But, if i have learnt one thing in life , it is to be patient. An adage in one of the Nigerian languages says "if you are patient, if u put stone on the fire, it will get cooked" . the whales today were one time minnows , they persevered and today they are reaping the reward.
One thing i know is that I will make it, nothing can stop me, once you have that notion in life , the sky can never be your limit it will just be a stepping stone. Bless you

wow... your words... 😍😍😍 it touched my heart and soul.... very inspirational... thank you very much... ❤❤
I will definitely keep those words in mind always... 🙏

This author has just written out my current situation, we shall overcome someday .

really? wow,.. I really thought I'm just the only one who felt this way... thank you!!
yes, we will overcome... Actually, I just did

This is an outstanding post! It reaches right into me.

It does. To me and who feels like quitting. It's a wake up call and motivating. Even the comments here are inspiring.

@leeart, indeed, they are all very inspiring... 💕

We understand how hard it is to grow on here. Our #newbieresteemday initative was started with the intentions of helping newbies grow on here. Everyone should feel welcomed and their efforts in writing a quality post should be rewarded. Happy you are NOT giving up. :)

Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top 10 posts for the day! We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

thank you!! my pleasure to be part of your team... 🙏

I recently felt exactly like this few days ago.

We find comfort knowing we are not alone in this, that there are those who feel the same way like us. What's amazing is that we build each other up. Focus on that instead of being negative.

@leeart, that's exactly what I want to comment here... haha... thanks!!

thank you @imje for your time reading...

I also want to quit steeming. Because I aint earning much. But I was told by many people that you just have to write and love what youre doing. Earning is just a bonus. So don't stop.

I agree. If it is your passion, then push on because you will surely find an audience who will appreciate you and understand you. What I like about steemit is that you can showcase your talents here and people will appreciate it.

Hi @maylyn09. I can relate to how you're feeling. It would be hypocrisy to say that we are not disheartened when we get low upvotes or none at all, after all the efforts and time spent on coming up with one post. It took me 2 months before my first post because I did not want to rush into something I was not even sure of. But I had to take the first step of introducing myself otherwise, I would get nowhere. Not sure if I did it right, I was so elated and happy to receive $5.04 for my intro post. Thanks to my good friend @shirleypenalosa for helping me out and introducing steemit. Honestly, I envy those who get high upvotes and $ but I realized that they must have worked hard for it. And that's exactly what I intend to do - to work hard. I guess it would help not to expect too much so as not to be dismayed. Upvote or no upvote, my greatest consolation would be the people I have met, the new friends I have made along the way. Not to mention the lessons I have learned from other's post. God bless you @maylyn09

that's great @jap60 ... the friendships and the lessons... that's what matters most... thanks!!
God bless you too.. 😚😘❤

Wow this surely motivate me ms. @maylyn... i feel you, really as minnows it's hard to be notice, but with all the support from everyone we can do it,, @surpassinggoggle really surprise me everyday on how good his heart is, keep steeming maam we can do it... 😊😊❤️

😊😊❤♥ yuph! we can do it! ✊

Hi there! this is almost make me cry 😔
But hey I see a strong person in you.
Stay positive. You have a good soul. 😊

Thanks @marierose 😘

I apologize for the late response..

Nice. I can totally understand where this post came from. I'm not surprised at how @surpassinggoogle got you back on the track cuz I'm convinced that he's one of the greatest minds and hearts working here. I haven't interacted with him much but I have an idea and ideology behind his work here. I hope you get your fair share of appreciation from the community and you do well.

Life is wonderful even though there are a lot of challenges along the way. It is but normal to feel sad and defeated at times but the most important thing to do is learn from those experiences. Don't let those challenges be a stumbling block but let them be as stepping stones to success. There are a lot of definition for success. Let's move forward. I am same as you, some of my post did not earn anything but that did not stop me from steeming. We can do this sissy!! 😊😊😊😊

Thanks sis!! 🌹

You're words are very inspiring... 💙💚💜
Thank you! Yes, we can! 😊

read interesting posts from different nations, put a valuable comment on each of them

There really is a wide wide world on steemit, I engaged people from all over the world via comments, I am enjoying a game with people from all over the world also, and having a heck of a time. I have translated foreign (to me) language post via google to read, and I have to tell you I am glad I did. Let other friends that think about leaving know what you have learned. I have been on steemit since Aug 2017, about 6 months now, and just started getting post seen that I do. My first three months not so good. But I am having fun, does any of the other stuff really matter? have fun, visit other worlds, other countries. There is an individual from the philippines that drops her post in our post promo box, through her I am seeing her country, there is another that drops meetup post in our box, I am meeting people via that. I have found the absolutely most awesome airbrush artist over in one of the russian countries, I have good friends now in Nigeria, and there is a pretty good writer in Saudi Arabia that I have to translate, so for me it is not so much about me and my content, I just like meeting people and seeing a little bit of the world through their eyes. Steemit is what ever we as an individual want to make it.

this comment gave me goosebumps... I felt like, I want to read and comment on all posts from different countries right now... yes, all of them... if only I can.. I think it's cool ... thank you for your input... it excites me.. thanks for sharing your experience here on steemit, I appreciate it!!

I was worried seeing the title but seeing it is how it is at the end, all good! @steemitsecrets has that power. I too enjoy reading them a lot. Keep at it, do what you love and I am sure It will all work out well in the end!

Money can't describe the worth of everything. Oxygen and water are free but think of life without them. Upvotes and posts value are not the only thing to measure the worth of our posts. Your steemit journey is a source of motivation for steemians who are facing the same hardships in the steemit ocean.

You're absolutely right...
thank you @arslanhyder ... ❤

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Yes, just have fun! I don't like joining contests except @photocontests and I don't expect to win because I have no DSLR 😂

Did you know that my highest paid posts here are only screenshots? Hahaha 😂

I luv BlockTrades and he luvs me too (^_^)

really? haha... thanks for the trivia...
hmmm... I think I need to know more about Blocktrades....

thanks for stopping by... 👋👍

Welcome po! Sa totoo lang yung mga posts ko na nag effort talaga ako yun pa maliit earnings kaya easy easy na lang ako dito haha minsan mas kumikita pa ako sa comment gaya ng sa @steemitdev 😅

One needs to be guided in life so as not One needs to be guided in life in order to prosper.. The challenging is normal but with the endurance and struggle, one will get there..

I love this. Very much a story from the heart and what many other have felt and will feel. Some come for the money but most stay for the community and @surpassinggoogle is one of the most awesome community leaders there are around. You are in good hands and you are listening to wise words.

I am a mum too, I work from home online so my kids can always come first. However I find it difficult, because I also need to 'provide' and only work in the nights when they are in bed or in the morning when in school ( they seem to be out of school more than in lol)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this post and will resteem. Remember, on steemit you are never really alone :-)

Yes, while reading all comments here... I felt that I'm definitely not alone ☺

Thank you for the resteem and thank you for appreciating this post.

God bless you and you're kids ma'am...
Oohh, by the way, love your profile pic, you're a gorgeous and hot momma... 😍

And the profile description "an accountant" wow! That's my dream! 😊

Always striving for perfection is a great trait of a team-player. Therefore you always see yourself as like competing with all of these wonderful creatures in the steemiverse. In the long run, you will really get tired of doing steemit if every post that you are going create aims to outshine others' work. I certainly know the feeling because I "WAS" once having the same feeling like that. About to give up. (Was always on the brink everyday) Until I just loosened up and come what may, One post struck me the most and I just went with the flow of my emotions where it would lead me. And yes, to actually feel this great feeling that you are already being recognized without putting too much pressure on yourself. It will then be a domino effect to share this great feeling you have to everyone who will come across your sight and acknowledge them from the efforts they also have done - just like you.
I am glad you have now a more focused mindset to continue your journey reaching the top as success does not end where you will just take a look back with most of the steemians but to face the straight road ahead and continue getting all the levels of success one can achieve here. Good luck with our journey.
Disclaimer: I am not in any way encouraging not to double check your posts that should be free from typos, wrong words used, obvious grammar lapses etc. It is highly recognized by the steemit community to post quality contents so. Start the week right with a smile :) Congratulations being featured by #surpassinggoogle on #TearDrops Token - Proof Of Tears

Thank you! 💓

I want you to know that every word you say (typed or written) here hit me and gives me strength and encourages me... Thank you very much... I appreciate all the lessons and inspirational words..

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for featuring this post on your @teardrops's proof of tears

I'm a newbie too. And like you there was a time that I really, really want to quit..not only once that I got 0 upvote. But as I am about to quit there's something that pushes me to post anything like joining contests..Steem on sis😉

thank you sis... 😚

Don't let a single failure define you instead make it as your motivation to keep better! I salute you sir @surpassinggoogle for keeping her at good state and giving her motivation and strength to overcome her downfall

I will! Thank you!
I also salute him... 😇 I am thankful for every steemians motivational messages for me...

Thanks Everyone!!

This is one of the best inspiring blog I've ever read so far... you deserved a million upvotes ma'am..👏👏👏👏 thank you for inspiring us😍😍😍 God bless...

Thank you very much sis!!! 😍😄


Thanks for quoting me @maylyn09 but more than that, I thank God because you are now on your way to success. As mother bears a child and suffering in a pain of her labor sooner the baby will come out. Same with what happen to you. You are in the pain and later on that pain will become joy. As Psalms 126:5 said Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. You sow your tears and God said surely you will reap with songs of Joy. So keep believing, keep dreaming. You have something to offer the world.

😍 thank you sir!! Thank you for citing that verse for me... It motivates me... thank you for all the reminders and lessons sir...

Yes, as what @steemgigs slogan says:

Everyone has something to offer

I believe in that too..

Wow @maylyn09, I'm so sorry to read that you've struggled so much on Steemit. While I was reading your post, I could only think of ways to help you get past these walls that blocked your success. I can tell this post took a lot of time and effort and I think it's paying off for you.

I want to make some short suggestions and hope they may serve you as encouragement:

  • Seemit takes a lot of learning time. Reading, browsing, testing, learning tools and skills, etc. Make sure you allocate some time to learn about it and I'm sure your upvotes and comments will grow, as well as your rewards.

  • Avoid bad experiences with contests by choosing contests that are not overpopulated, that give rewards to every entry or most of the entries. Avoid contests that only give 1 prize like the plague, they are usually unfair. I've been applying for contests for more than 10 years as a freelance designer and 1 prize contests always suck.

  • I too spend many many hours on most of my posts, because I have to create something for the post, a design, a design system, an art project before posting it. I treat it like a job (the only job I've ever liked tbh) and I work everyday for Steemit. After I've finished the work I have to upload the design files, many people might think this is easy, but no, I live in a country with very unstable and slow internet speed, so uploading a 500kb file might take hours at a time. After designing, uploading the files, writing the post which also requires more uploads and finally promoting the post I end up exhausted. The morale of this story is: you are not alone.

But you know what? I don't care if it takes me forever to post. I keep on steeming because I believe in this community, I've found a few good people that support me and that lights a fire in me and encourages me to create more each day and become a better designer.

I really hope you find your loyal supporters. I think making the effort to learn so much skills will eventually pay off, and you are right by quoting that there are no such thing as failures, but only lessons to be learned.

This is a pivotal point from your past steemit-self to the your future potential self and I'm sure you will find the appreciation you deserve.

Keep on steeming because we all need to grow together.

Thank you very much!! I appreciate the tips... I will take a note of that... but Somehow I felt bad about myself, because I complained about how much time I spent on my posts, not knowing that there's someone else like you who spent more time creating their post and yet didn't complain...

This is a pivotal point from your past steemit-self to the your future potential self and I'm sure you will find the appreciation you deserve

Thank you for that!! 😘😊

Don't feel bad, we are all human. We all feel under appreciated at one point or another, we all work hard and we all feel defeated and we express our feelings in different ways. I'm pretty new to Steemit so that helps me to keep hopeful. We have to believe in ourselves even when no one else will :)

Really Nice Moment

thank you for dropping by, 😊

It's just today That I read your post since I was busy on my weekend! But you know what as newbie we all have the same feelings and disappointment. When my friend told me about steemit I said I'm not really into blogging. So I just ignore it anyway. But when most of my friends keep on talking about steemit and I was the only one who don't understand what they're talking to, I decided to join but it takes two weeks before I started posting! At first, I'm alttle bit disappointed because not many noticed my post,only my friends in person do upvote my post. But anyway, I still do posting and thinking since I'm a newbie here so I should expect that. And soon, I was happy to see new people giving comments and appreciate my post! And that's inspire me.

Same way how you inspire me today as I read your comment...

Thank you... 💟

Terry is correct. Just keep on writing! Be true to yourself and make yourself heard. None of us became a success overnight. I for one worked extremely hard to get where I am today. Steemit is not a get rich scheme and it is not just a social media platform. Steemit is soooo much more than what newcomers think. We are a family and family does not get left behind. Just build your rep and never ever give up. Good luck on your journey. I have learned ALOT about myself since I joined. Just forget about the rewards for a while....just keep going!

Steemit is soooo much more than what newcomers think.

I totally agree about that!! I think I have to learn a lot more about steemit... so much more than I could think of...

thanks for all the reminders and lessons...
Yes, I will keep on Steeming!!

I thought at first it is going to affirm my negative thoughts (although tiny bit but a spark can create a big fire). Anyway, thanks for posting this and thanks to @kaylinart for resteeming because this wouldn't have come to my attention. Every word hit home. Thanks also for the steemians who don't know how to give up and give support.

big thanks! @kaylinart !!

and to all steemians who resteemed this... thank you...

Hola @maylyn09 me gusto este post, y bueno diria lo mismo,"No se pierde, se aprende". Yo tambien soy un pecesito, y siempre me digo poco a poco, lo que siembres es lo que cosecharas, de eso se trata... No es mas fuerte el que siempre gana, es el que a pesar de los fracasos sigue adelante, ese es el mas fuerte, el éxito esta en tu mente, así como el fracaso, y todo lo quieras imaginarte, sigamos adelante, las oportunidades que Dios nos presentará serán mas grande que nuestro amor mismo. Saludos Y fuerte abrazo. Eres grande corazón.

I can't seem to find steemitsecrets as user.

oh, I apologize about that, It's @steemsecrets no 'it' in the middle, thanks for the correction...

This is very inspirational. And, I share your sentiment. It's difficult when we are trying to compete others which we shouldn't. I realize that Steemit is not a platform that we should compete with other Steemians. We shouldn't try to let others impress our work, rather we should try to impress ourselves.

yuph, I just learned about that, thanks to sir @surpassinggoogle's words ...
thank you...

It is sometimes painful to read someone who feels down, but you returned ( re-turn-ed ) and your mentor managed to get you to choose to be on track again. I follow, have voted and Resteemed. Keep on keeping on. 😇