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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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Joking!! No man, your comedy is spot on. There are hardly any original short form content creators on here. I know for a fact as I have been browsing about the funny/jokes tags and very little of it isn't plagiarised from elsewhere.

Your stuff is intelligently written and funny and you got it exactly right. It's hard as fuck to write a short joke or one liner that raises a laugh. Anyone who has tried will know. It is definitely not easy.

You have a talent and I hope that it is recognised as such. Who else on this platform (apart from me cos I rawk ;0)) can raise a laugh with almost everything they post.

Your posts are worth it. We have to make steem desirable to outsiders beyond the Reddit I regurgitate essays crowd


haha you're definitely one of the funniest guys on here
thanks for the high appraisal

I wanted to add a bit that I don't think I made clear enough in the original piece

Essentially I'm now competing vs how much I would make if I completely lent out my voting power to a bot, which pays maybe 80c to the dollar. So while the self voting may look ugly, it's actually barely breaking even against potential passive income. If i lent it out full time, everyone still loses the same amount in terms of the loss to the rewards pool, just means the average vote buyer will get the money.

So basically it's a choice between traf's content or the average vote buyer's. I'm not an early cyrpto investor as you know and steem is the bulk of my net worth. Recent personal circumstances took a turn for the worse (which is why I was away for so long) and I don't have the luxury to be too altruistic for now :(

I for one hope that the general consensus is for you to carry on. You support lots of authors through your voting. Yet more power to the vote buyers means more shit on the platform. Although I fully support that you have to absolutely consider your own return.

Although I love steemit, sometimes I wish the place wasn't so fucking pish