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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

in #steemit5 months ago (edited)

It is nice to see this TRX reward on Steem. I have try to create a TRX account but sorry to say that it is not working for me.
After click on "Agree" nothing will happen. see below screenshot

This screenshot was taken just 1 minute ago.

I have checked with steemitwallet login and it is working fine, but if i login by "Steem Keychain" then it was not working. Finally i have done.

 4 months ago (edited)

We apologize for the bad experience, please try the below steps if you face any issue.

  • Log in to with your active private key, do not use any auth tool(for example: Steem Keychain).
  • Log in to with a different browser, like firefox, edge, Opera, etc.
  • Refresh the page and try again.

If all these steps do not work, please don’t worry, the new version will be online soon and fix related issues. All your TRX can be claimed after the new version online.

Thanks for detailed reply. I have done.