Reblog: This is what it Does!

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For anyone wondering...

The new "Reblog" button lets you share someone else's blog to your followers.

The is going to help people gain a lot of traction for their posts. It is a super awesome new feature and will build the community.


In your feed is where you see any reblogged articles, the reblogger gets a mention^^

If you reblogg an article, it shows up on your own blog list. Kinda weird but I get it.

@inphiknit what if you don't follow the reblogger, will it still show you who reblogged your post??
full $teem ahead!

Still trying to figure that out or get someone here who knows

Seems like it wouldn't, though it would be nice to know if/when someone reblogs one of your articles...

Not that I Have found...i am still working on it.

ok thanks @melek keep us posted.

Don't forget to reblog this post!

After reading all the comments here, I decided to try the reblog feature ~ With a drawing by Eleni Rossidou Gelasaki, a young mother caring for her diabetic son.

So easy to click the reblog icon ~ And the article is now on my own Blog list. Feels to me like a great way to support other Steemers ~ Especially artists and struggling mothers who need all the support they can be given. Even if just a toke gesture, it may give a smile to someone.

I think this may be the spark the makes steemit blow up in size again

Just remember your followers follow you for a reason, can't just reblog anything and everything or you may lose them! However if you see great stuff and want to get it more exposure then this seems like an amazing addition to the platform.

I think it going to be a tool...for people with big following to spread the wealth...I believe that is the point!

I 100% agree with you.

Just tested this new function, and I like it. I would also like some kind of a notification when something is reblogged but it's a nice new feature. Thank you for the review. Upvoted!

I think it is lacking any real notification yet.

So far I'm happy with the initial results and it will improve further.

I believe the money still only goes to the author. Only by curation will it increase the reblogger...correct me if i am wrong. Thanks for any input.

I believe this is true, curation can work, yet I think it has to be done in a window of time.

Wow! I hope the original author keeps the rewards?

I believe so...i think its altruism

I think if you upvote it and it has weight, then reblogging can help the curator. from what I have read.'s an internal share . Steemit only.

There are already external share buttons on the far right.

yup...I've used them. Now we have an INTERNAL share.
could be interesting.

Not really diggin it. The place will get spammy.

I think it won't since it is really no benefit to the reblogger... I think it will just be a way for to build the community and won't benefit spammers.

Time will tell.

@melek, the idea is to choose 4 authors (the Daily Picks). That article is (hopefully) the one being rebloged, thus extending the reach of those authors. If the article itself generates any SBD reward it is sent to the original authors (1/4 for each).

As it is a daily pick, for sure you will be featured on a daily pick in the future. Today's Daily Pics is the first edition of this idea and it features @celebr1ty @gringalicious @elfkitchen and @anns

Note that this idea will suceed if enough authors realize that they should reblog the Daily Picks (or upvote), no matter if they are featured that day or not as it can only benefit good recipes authors on the long run.


Great feature, and how can i for example unblog a post? Or if i reblog it i cant take it back?

Haven't figured that out yet.