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RE: Spartan Race "The Beast" - Running And Promoting Steemit

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My boys have participated in the Spartan race for the last 4 years. I keep telling myself that I'm going to get in shape and so a sprint with them one day... but I fekkin' hate burpees because, you know... they suck.


They only suck if you fail the obstacle haha. I myself love them. Sometimes they save me a lot of time. You can just do 30 of them and skip the obstacle. On Sunday, the previous waves kept kettling up on obstacles and blocking me on the track, so few times I decided to just do burpees (proper Spartan ones ;) )instead, to save time. There was no point to just queue 5 minutes for an obstacle and cool down.
You should defeinitely join up with your boys! In the end, you can do together and help each other. You don't have to rush neither. You can do those burpees or obstacles all day :-) It is fun!
What I enjoy the most are the views. I adore running around countryside or interesting environment.

Check up this YT video by WarriorMuscleFitness -"Father & Son Spartan Super - Peterborough 2016"
Maybe it will inspire you :-)

My sister actually did the race with them last year. I saw photos and it looked like she was DYING. LOL
Part of me is inspired to try. I just need the proper motivation.

Hah ok :-)
But she must have felt great after when completed it :-)