Establishing A New Filipino Community in Steemit

in #steemit2 months ago

I have been busy for over a week and missed days of posting but today I had some free time to lurk around Steemit. I am aware that other countries have established communities that are actively supporting their fellows, however, we do not have one for Filipinos. I have a few friends who just go into Steemit because a lot of us really suggested that the Steemit platform really helps to onboard you to crypto adaptation. Also, you can read a lot about crypto stuff here.

I have been here for more than 3 years and I just decided to make a Steemit Filipino community today. We have had Filipino communities here before but I think all of them are inactive now. So, to start, I decided to open this to my Steemit friends that I have a GC in messenger and some of them are interested. I am looking for a volunteer to be manage the community because I cannot do this myself since I am so busy. No one volunteered yet but some are showing interest.

I went ahead and made @steemitfilipino and @steemfilipino since the 2 usernames are not taken. I just got both because they are similar and available but we will be using @steemitfilipino as the community account. I am still thinking how this will come to be powered. I have no grand plans, for now, I am just thinking we will delegate 10 SP each if we want to get voted and perhaps my mermaidvampire account can trail to make sure the vote is bigger than dustvotes (less than 0.03). That's the tentative plan and we start simply like that. The goal is for newcomers to earn bigger than 0.03. Someone can support them as they start then together we will help find ways to earn more and support the community as well. For now, the goal is simply to make sure there is minimal support that could ensure no one of its members will get dusvotes. I also plan to limit the membership to 20 for now, since we have limited power. First 20 to send delegations of 10 sp to the @steemitfilipino will get the slot. Beyond 20, they will be waitlisted. The #steemitfilipino tag should also be a required tag for those who will join the community.

We also made a community or hive here in Steemit, named SteemitFilipino. Please join the community here:

This is all, for now, future goals and development will be posted here and on the account itself, @steemitfilipino. Please follow it if you are a Filipino and you are willing to support and be part of this new community.

Thanks and see you!