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Things in the digital world are always upgrading so here is an upgrade of Steemit which is known as Serey. Its a new Social Media platform that specifically targets the Cambodian market. Built on the blockchain based technology. Serey aims to become a viable alternative to such big tech companies like facebook and twitter. Serey is a next-generation blockchain based social media platform which has its own native token called serey . It consists of an ecosystem of frontier web 3.0. Serey is neutral and free to enter platform which provides everyone equal access regardless of their country or cast. Its a place where anyone can share their thinkings and emotions. Serey is a blockchain for the next generation decentralized applications it's really stable and trustworthy and is one of the fastest blockchains in the world .

How Its Best By Other Crypto Related Social Media

  1. Only one account per person with proper verification
  2. Nobody here allows to abuse anyone or the system
  3. No one can vote their own posts or comments
  4. Quality content will be appreciate by curators and users

Reward System Of Serey

  1. People Can post on a wide range of Topics.
  2. Nobody can vote his/her post or comment.
  3. Visibility of posts depends on the popularity and uniqueness of the post.
  4. More unique and good content will receive more votes.
  5. Bad content will be downvote.
  6. Post payout within 7 days.

Dapps Related To Serey

1. SEREYWallet
Wallet will be a central hub between all dapps. You can go to any other dapp directly through wallet. There will be a lot of currencies integerated with serey wallet just like BCH. Transactions are really smooth and fast.

2. SEREY Marketplace
It’s a next generation marketplace that has a blockchain based curation system. People can sell their products on the marketplace with all prices listed in Serey coins and other currencies.

3. SEREY Suor
Serey Suor is a question and answer platform just like quora. Ask your questions and other people will provide answers.

4. SEREY lottery
Built for people who want to try their luck by betting. Join the Serey Lottery and use Serey coins to bet on the number and try your luck


Join: https://serey.io/profile/mianfahad

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