Minorities Enslaved: Poverty=Crime=Violence=Jail=Removal of Equal Voter Rights=Fewer Businesses and Jobs=Higher Poverty

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Can any Community or Business leaders explain to me why anyone would want to keep protecting gang members who are selling drugs, guns and ammo, who are not citizens that should be deported?...The vast majority of our inner cities are now war zones where innocent kids in the park are being shot because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. So why is the opposition supporting protecting 3+ million gang members and convicted criminals who are not US citizens?  MS-13 and the Mexican Drug Cartel operate in every major city in the USA today. 

So as US citizens are losing their voting rights, the Opposition is illegally signing up millions of non-citizens to vote so they control them with welfare, hate and violence today. This also regrades the equal opportunity from US Citizens because we now have non-citizens voting in our elections. By increasing crime and drugs, the Opposition is able to enslave more minorities to the government's welfare system. 


Drugs aren't the problem when it comes to gangs, it's the war on them. Read about Portugal!

So you do not think MS -13 is a problem? you need to Google MS-13 and study who they are...

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