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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

in #steemit11 months ago

Congratulations on the courage to express your opinion that on these platforms that boast of being decentralized, you find yourself with a big downvote. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that having real decentralization is impossible. Of course we can have the illusion but the truth is that just a few powerful people can get together and decide the fate of an entire community.
I also agree with you when you say that these witnesses instead of staying and fighting the new powerful of turn (Justin) preferred to leave by steemit and without asking anyone they even created another platform.
We could all have fought together against the wrong decisions against steemit by the new owner.
Instead we find ourselves with a new platform hive, that will try to sink in all ways those who will continue to make the steemit platform alive.
But I wonder if this new set-up of steemit where those who held power to date have left cannot be a positive thing?
Couldn't this be an opportunity to put Steemit's new foundations and remedy past mistakes?
Of course it all depends on Justin's intentions maybe he has interesting plans for the future of steemit.
I just hope that hive and steemit can live together peacefully because the existence of one platform does not exclude the survival of the other.