A phase of turning 18

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A phase of turning 18


Things I've learned from this poetically world.

  • Self respect is an important key to keep it in balance
  • Saying No is okey...if now then when?
  • Dressing up for yourself is bliss with an attitude or smile (who cares your heart is clean or not)
  • you love fun and when its intended ( even without beer and cocktail)
  • strangers can change your life exploring world and leaving home its off course great to take a chance (Including family tour)
  • learn to save and earn money ( its okey for panipuri,momos and biriyani )
  • relationship may work or not,Staying single is is beautiful in its own ways(Forget about ur lovebirds friends)
  • Be kind but never let down rejection makes you stronger( you said no,now its their chance,let the karma works)
    So keep going ...

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